missed buying opportunities

I just missed an Ebay deal on a Well Tempered turntable that I wish I would have bought, even though the auction ended at 4:00 A.M. and I couldn't stay awake that long! What's the one piece of gear you passed on that you regret the most?
You should start using a bid program such as esnipe. You put in the most you are willing to pay and it bids for you.
Don't ever regret what you didn't get. Something else always comes along.
Dave43, you know you can Snipe ebay auctions, that way you set your bid and it will place bid for you in the last momemnts?

I used to also schedule my day around auction ending times.
For eBay auctions like that, sign up and use a service called eSnipe. It's not a guarantee, but it's the best thing out there for situations like the one you described.

Mine is just a small item...someone was selling their small Sistrum amp stands for $250 for a pair. He'd put his phone number on the listing (here on A'gon). They'd already been sold, only ten minutes after listing them. I think I was among the first five to contact the seller. Not good enough.

The one and only Fi WE421 SET amp that ever sold on Audiogon. I was the third one to look at the ad sometime late after midnight. It was gone 10 minutes later - Michael Lavorgna from 6moons snapped it up.
A pair of Royd The Minstrel SE speakers sold for $400 here on Audiogon, repleat with the optional metal stands. I still kick myself missing them - and that was 5 years ago. Here I thought I was the only person possibly interested in such rarities... Oh well.
No missed opportunities, but a few impulse buys that I wish I had taken more time to look into before buying and selling at a big loss.

Happy Listening. Anyone want to buy some of my non sellable junk !!!
I once missed out on getting a vintage sunburst Gibson ES-225 with double P-90's advertised in a local classified for a mere $200 because I first went by my bank's ATM to get cash because I assumed the seller wouldn't want a check. So when I got to the place not only was the sale just made to a guy who arrived literally 2 minutes before me, but he was paying by check! -- and then the lucky bastard had the termitity to ask me if he could plug in to the amp I was carrying in order to check it out since the seller didn't have one. Oh, and of course it was in beautiful shape. I still cringe writing this 20 years later...
I could have purchased a house and saved for retirement but bought audio equipment instead... Doh!
The problem for me is not passing.....

Just bought a Marantz 2265B off of Ebay last night since the price was fair and came with a wood case. Need another receiver like I need a hole in my head (20).

Will it ever end.....
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recently a $3K SME 10 hear on 'Gon.BVut come on we all have multiple "Damn!What was I thinking when I hesitated."Think my one regret selling was getting rid of my Mesa baron and not ignorring the companies advice against the tri-tube mod.Should have kept that and regret it more than the dozens of other pieces that have been through my system and their have been some doozies.
Strange you should ask at this juncture. I saw an advert right here on the 'Gon for a Pass 0.2 preamp within driving distance and at good price. I waited a little too long and found out an offer had already been received on it. Too bad, so sad. A couple of days later, as things turn out, I found an ARC Ref 2 Mk. II on my side of the border, within a shorter driving distance, from a fellow I had dealt with before, at a good price and in great condition. I bought it and saved nearly $600. in taxes. So you see, there is always another bus! BTW, don't buy on the rebound, I always wanted the line stage I bought so "tout est bien qui finit bien".
["Termitity"? Nice one Z...ah, that would be "temerity". The guy may have been my nemesis, but I don't think he had termites! :~)]