MHZS 88E comparisons?

I've cruised this board and there are a few write ups about the MHZS cdp's, not to mention the infamous Lampizator page. I just purchased this unit for $650 (+ $50 shipping) as a dealer demo. I've got the common problem -- no idea how it compares to other comparable models/price range. It is unmodded, and would love as an aside any links or upgrade companies that can make them. I have virtually no experience with a solder or iron or electronic internals so would prefer to send it out rather then use it as a guinea pig.

Anybody have any direct comparisons and your thoughts?

thanks so much
You could check out under the digital reference components shootout. I think he replaces the capacitors and puts in nos tubes.
You need to check out this link:
Sorry, I guess you already know about the link.
yup, read that link. not sure what to make of it really. on the one hand, fake parts. on the other hand, well built and sounds great. i also talked with someone who does mods and he said he wasn't sure of some of the nitpicks (and praises) of that particular lampizator page. anyway, really just seeing if anyone has compared this player with others
I've recently had my 66E modded by changing the caps and wiring(as per laid out in the digital shootout)and adding nos mullards a better power cord and soft feet.It transformed the player to the point that,it would cost many thousands more to attempt to improve upon this player.
hey Montejay, did you do the mods yourself or did you send off for them? If so, to whom and how much did it cost? thanks
Hey Tholt,
My friend did the mods for me.He is familiar with the player and the modifications outlined in the shootout,and due to the complexity (removing of the circuit board)I wasn't confortable doing it myself. It cost about $250 in parts including the nos mullards.I've heard some other players costing alot more than the MHZS 66but on different systems so hard for me to compare other players to mine but comparing it now to before is like night and day.The bass is open and quick,the mids life like and the hi's have softened but still detailed.The sound is warm and not at all bright.I have about 200 hrs on the mods and still here improvement
Does anyone know where to get the MHZS 66E Modified?
Why don't you look at the Doge 6 CDP? Also a Chinese manufactured single box CDP. Not that I have anything against the MHZS, but their descriptions could border on being deceptive.

The Doge 6 (street price $1400) is a significantly better design IMHO.

In fact, I sent an email requesting an opinion from Mr. Lampizator himself and he wrote, "The DAC is like Lampucera, the output stage is opamp free so it is honest. I would give it a GO."

Granted I bought mine off Agon for $1000, but for $400 more I believe you are getting a much better unit than either the 66 or the 88 without requiring the mods.


I am looking for a replacement counter balance that sits atop the cd disc. MHZS 66E - My 2 yr old grandson "ate" it. Any ideas where to look?
thanks guys. haven't checked this thread in a while. The 88 (and the whole line IMO) are fantastic cdp's for the money and I think provide solid sound quality and distinction. They are unique IMO. I've since moved out of the Chinese game (for now) and upgraded to a Musical Fidelity a308cr. Simply a much better machine.
Jledrew - you should try contacting Pacific Valve (
Jledrew,did you ever contact pacificvalve and if so what is you feedback regarding this distributor?
I can give you some feedback. Joe is prob the guy you'll talk to. He is knowledgeable and answered my questions, even answers the phone on Sat. I bought a mhzs 33 and demo 88 from them, both were as described. I do think there is a restocking fee for returns w/in trial period, but i would buy from them again.
I've sold my modded MHZS 66 when I had a chance to audition a used Electrocompaniet ECM 1UP. The 66 was nice but the Electrocompaniet transformed the music my system produced to such a degree that I couldn't have gone back.I will conclude by saying that for the money the MHZS is good value,but if you willing to pay more and go used there is room for upgrade out there.