Anthem AVM-2 Any thoughts / comparisons

I am thing about purchasing an Anthem AVM-2. Does any one ahve any experience with this unit? What did you compare it to before making this purchase. I am currently using a Vantas DPA-S50 in a tape loop through my KRC-2. For amplification I have a Krell KSA-250 and an Anthem MCA5. Thanks for you input.
The specs on the unit seems very interesting. I've been unsucessful in finding any information beyond what's on their web site. How do you find running the Vantas through the KRC2 tape loop?
Sfbaydude - The Vantas and the KRC-2 sound very good together. As always I am just wondering if it could sound better. Also a pre/processor would simplify things for the rest of the family.
Dhodges, well if you want the single unit to do as good as the Krell pre, the pre/pro has to have an analog pass-through (which the Anthem does) that overall is as good as the Krell pre in stereo. It might be a stretch for you to expect that quality with the Anthem pre/pro.
I've owned the AVM2 for almost two months now and it's a great sounding piece for the price. The analog pass through is available on the disc 1 input by clicking twice on the button on the remote or unit, nice feature. I compared it to the B & K ref 30, went with the Anthem due to the two channel sound quality and Sonic Frontiers reputation. Bass management is not quite as feature rich as the B&K but close; adjutable crossover points from 60 to, I believe 120. There is already a firmware upgrade (rs-232 port) 1.1. This fixes a problem with the unit reading the digital in of some DVD players (signal would drop out or temporarily unlock causing a pop in system. Minor problem as far as I'm concerned and already addressed by Anthem. I would recommend the AVM2, especially if you can get it below retail.
Antennahead, You mean that you can only have one component bypassing the digital processing? Hmm... This argues in favor of using a very good preamp and the pre/pro, IMHO.
I just had a complete system installed using Anthem AVM-2. It is connected to Paradigm Referance Active 40, active surrounds,center and active servo 15 subwoofer using balanced line level cables. The system is awesome. The sound stage is enormus. Using it for just music it is as good as it gets. When you watch a movie, you feel you are there.