Metal, aluminum, or wood for a rack ?

I'm going to be purchasing a new rack and would like some input on materials used on audio racks.
Is there a sonic differance between metal or aluminum on the frame of an audio rack ?
My amp is an Almarro A318B SET tube amp.
My CDP is an Emotiva ERC-1.
Thank you for any info.
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There are many choices. Check out the Samson Racks from Mapleshade for beauty, flexibility, and killer sound.

I built one like the Samson and couldn't be happier.
John, I checked out your "Altar" and you've got a groove going. Not sure if Maple would work, but you can get a different finish applied.
Thanks so much Kenny.
I guess my question wasn't clear.
I really wanted to know if a metal that is magnetic would cause sonic problems over a non magnetic alloy when buying or building a rack.
I looked at your rack and it would be perfect. I just need a three shelf simple rack.
All the brass all thread I've researched is very expencive.
I can almost buy a $300 rack for the price of the brass all thread.
Maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and spend the yen to make a really sturdy rack.
I use a steel rack [Star Sound] and have no trouble so I wouldn't worry about one.
You guys all have some nice looking racks. ;-) Are you looking for improvements or just a different look? I ask because I'm leaning toward re-doing my racks also. In my case I have found better results with using products like rollerballs and Stillpoints so I'm thinking of getting rid of all the sandboxes except the one under the turntable. And, I'd like to get things down lower to the floor. It seems that the first thing is that the stand must be rigid.
If you search for Wood racks I think you will find my comments. If you can't in summary using steel rods with appropriate stop nuts and end caps thick Maple makes an excellent vibration damping rack.
The rack I built is rock solid, and I was walking on top of it when I put up some track lighting. Mapleshade uses 1-1/2" steel, so imagine how rigid that should be?

I used 3/4" brass because that's the heaviest I could find. Why? Some say it sounds better than steel, but that could be just a bunch of baloney. I like how it looks, but expensive.
I built my rack with Pennsylvania slate shelves. If I could go back in time six or seven years I would get thicker all thread. That being said, I can stand on my rack also with no wobble. As for vibration, rap your knuckle on a 1 1/2 inch thick piece of slate and you get nothing but pain.
I loved the look of the slate when I built it but would probably like something a bit more refined now.
When seeking out new racks:
Best to install water filled new racks. better than silicone 'racks'... in case they leak.
A tip for you guys who want new 'racks: Just shop for new 'racks' already mounted, saves trouble., and some are original equipment!
Though discarding your old rack may be a problem in such a case.
Just a 'heads up'
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One thing to actually do, is move the stuff AWAY from the speakers. A lot of folks have the stuff right next to, or in-between the speakers. Move your equipment away to a side wall. The amp can stay near the speakers.
Moving the stuff away does as much as an expensive equipment stand, as far as vibration goes. I have my equipment stands far away from the speakers. The Plasma and audio is closest on a side wall, with the audio equipment rack at least 12 ft away and out into the room a bit so I can always get behind it to swap wires etc. And then it is also close enought to reach the volume etc from my listening chair.. Then further away are the TTs.
I use a couple of fairly cheap audio/video equipment stands from a big box type store. They are square tube aluminum with glass shelves. I filled all the tubes with dried playbox sand. And all my stuff is on butyl rubber bottle stoppers. (size #10)
The bottle stoppers are a good combo for the glass shelves.
So I have a tall equipment stand for the audio, and a low/long one for video and Plasma, and another low/long one for two TTs. (the TTs are on the top with concrete patio blocks under the feet, with chemical mat rubber (probably butyl) cut to fit under the round patio bricks. The added mass helps out, and they are the furthest away from the speakers too. and NOT long side next to a wall.
If you do happen to go for a stand with glass shelves, dampening the glass is a good idea. either a product under, or over them.
My shelving cost like $150 each. and is a great value with the sand in the tubes. I am happy with my equipment shelving. (hah hah not saying THAT word..)
I have been researching looking for good audio racks, and i came across this:

They have nice racks, worth a look.
BTw, wood and glass (tempered safety glass) racks are a good idea if you want a mix of style and build quality.
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I've decided to build my rack out of wood. With stackable shelving with spikes at the bottom of eack leg that will sit on the shelf below it.

I'm going to glue two 3/4 in. balsa plywood together to make a 1 1/2 in. shelf.

I'll make a three shelf rack at 24 x 18 in. with all the hardware for less than $150.

I can't afford to pay $$$$ for a rack. The wife wont understand. So, I do what I can.

It'll be better than the 1/2 in. thick MDF that I have now.

Thanks to all that has contributed.

Wood is out . Ive found metal with a 50/50 fill mix of sand and lead work well . I'm in the heavy and ridged camp , although many are using the less mass method . Any solid ridged stand will be a improvement .
what is the purpose of a rack ?

i see two .

1) a way to access components (i place them on the floor)

2) access the components and avoid intruding resonances at certain frequencies.

so the question is if materials resonate at a certain frequency, which one do you prefer.

i would think achieving a resonant frequency as low as possible is the way to go.

thus, i would opt for wood. you can always use anti-resonant devices under the components.
I just glued and screwed my two 3/4 in Birch plywood shelves together to make 1 1/2 in shelves and rapped on them with my knuckles and it was very impressive.

It sounded like you hit a concrete block.

No reverberation or resonance to speak of.
It's much better that the 1/2in MDF I'm using right now.

I'm also using Maple butcher blocks with cones between the shelves and the amp and CD player.

It's comming along just great.
When I'm done I'll put new photo's in my virtual system and update it.
Have a great day.

Oh.... +1 on the wood resonance.
I have finnished my rack. I'm so proud. It turned out beautiful. Very solid.
Click the systems link to check it out.

Nice rack. I wish I took woodshop in high school. I got stuck with two semesters of printshop due to scheduling problems. Maybe in my golden years I'll take it up.
Beautiful rack John!!! You did good.

It's amazing what a touch of wood can do.
Very nice job indeed! Your work has given me some ideas for a new rack system. I think I may try alternating layers of 1/2" mdf and 1/2" plywood.
Hi Dan.
I'm always glad to inspire someone with new ideas.
I looked at your rack and thought it was very nice.
I also like the horn speakers. VERY coool.
;-) I was just following your FR thread on DIYaudio. More ideas. I gotta stop! ;-)
Aircraft aluminum SYMPOSIUM ISIS wonderful isolation rack with great sound on of the best.
Very clean appealing racks!!!! Excellent job!!!!
Thank you Samhar.

I looked at your system and was highly impressed.
I love a well treated music room.
The improvements with the addition of room treatments wasn't subtle as you know!!!! I was thrilled with the improvement in the articulation of the notes and especially so in the bass region.