McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5

Knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated here. Which would you consider is better and why? I'm deciding between the two.
Assuming the DNA2 Deluxe sounds like a DNA1 Deluxe: Neither is better. The Sim is smoother in the HF with gobs of power. The DNA is dynamic and punchy. Depends on your application.
Hi Kr4; The DNA-2DX is considerably more dynamic and transparent than the DNA-1DX mentioned above, yet it still plays with great "finesse" at low listening levels. It will drive any load and has great, but not exaggerated bass. I have not heard the Sim, but I feel that the McCormack DNA-2DX is one of the most under rated amps in high end audio-- probably because it was never reviewed by a major high end mag. I have two 2DXs, and used a 1DX for about 3 years. I see there is a 2DX in the classifieds for $2600.-- good price. Happy Hunting. Craig
Go and look up the reviews on this amp. I agree with them and I have heard the DNA-2 Deluxe Limited Edition and I feel it is an extraordinary amp. Those amps are upgradable to higher levels by the original designer too.
Hi Valdee, I also own a McCormack DNA-2 and highly recommend it. The bass is great, midrange is smooth and detailed. I spoke to someone that heard a friends Revision A full upgrade DNA-2 from SMC (Steve McCormacks company) and he said it was unbelievable the performance Steve gets from his upgrade. Good Luck & if you don't like it it will sell very quick at Audiogon. Happy listening. Don
I have no doubt that the DNA2 is a great amp although I have not heard it. However, have any of you DNA2 fans actually compared it, side by side, with a SimAudio Moon S-5?
Hi KR4, No I haven't compared the two.I would like to tell you McCormack/Conrad Johnson service is excellent. I had a problem after a lightning storm (while I was at work and amp was plugged directly into ac outlet) and my girlfriend said power went off and on. I called McCormack and arranged shipping of unit and was quickly telephoned from repair technician himself and told me a power transistor failed. He called back after repair that same day and told me amp tested good after repair.They even replaced outer shipping box that was a little rough from shipping and repair was about $125.00. Service means a lot to me and I will continue to buy their products.Hope this helps you decision. Good Luck. Don
OK. It's nice that so many people love their DNA-2 amps but, until someone does a side-by-side comparison with the W-5, all the comments can not answer the original query.

Yes, McCormack service is quick and attentive but so is SimAudio service. My main point is that paeons for one amp or the other are not to the point.
I had two DNA2 Deluxe before, but my experience was not as good though. Both failed on me and warranty repair took over 6 weeks each for turn around. The later one even got damaged by McCormack/Conrad Johnson. Though sound is good for the money, I would not buy their product again. I was also told it's not a true balance design (despite what they claim on ad), and newer unit has a "high pass" filter in balance input that will decrease bass signal.