McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5

Knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated here. Which would you consider is better and why? I'm deciding between the two.

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Hi Valdee, I also own a McCormack DNA-2 and highly recommend it. The bass is great, midrange is smooth and detailed. I spoke to someone that heard a friends Revision A full upgrade DNA-2 from SMC (Steve McCormacks company) and he said it was unbelievable the performance Steve gets from his upgrade. Good Luck & if you don't like it it will sell very quick at Audiogon. Happy listening. Don
Hi KR4, No I haven't compared the two.I would like to tell you McCormack/Conrad Johnson service is excellent. I had a problem after a lightning storm (while I was at work and amp was plugged directly into ac outlet) and my girlfriend said power went off and on. I called McCormack and arranged shipping of unit and was quickly telephoned from repair technician himself and told me a power transistor failed. He called back after repair that same day and told me amp tested good after repair.They even replaced outer shipping box that was a little rough from shipping and repair was about $125.00. Service means a lot to me and I will continue to buy their products.Hope this helps you decision. Good Luck. Don