Quality of A7N8X Deluxe onboard sound & £40 5.1 sp

Quality of A7N8X Deluxe onboard sound & £40 5.1 speakers


I am thinking of buying "Videologic Sirocco Spirit" speakers for my PC. These are a very high quality pair of speakers costing about £135. Could anyone tell me whether the onboard sound on my A7N8X Deluxe will be good enough quality for the speakers?

I have tried looking at a few reviews but they don't go into any detail on the sound. All I could find was, "the sound quality is as good as most add-in cards". Has anyone used some high quality speakers with this board?

I am currently using Genius Deluxe 5.1 Value Speakers which cost only £37.60:

Do you think it is worth upgrading to a pair of decent speakers?

The 5.1 speakers are only about £40. Do you think that makes them terrible quality? I find the subwoofer is a bit pathetic. On basey tracks (e.g. Aphex Twin) I can't have the subwoofer very loud at all before I get some nasty distortion. When I listen to most tracks with a heavy beat I can't make it as loud as I would like. Other tracks with reasonably strong base sound fine but that might be because the base distortion is swamped by the louder satellite speakers.

If I buy the pair of speakers I might then buy a decent subwoofer. It will depend on my needs.

The mid-range seems fine to me. The other speakers are very loud. However, I am more interested in quality than volume for most of music. I'm no expert on sound quality so I can't really tell how good the speakers are. I mostly listen to MP3s (normally 192kps) - won't that be more limiting than the quality of the speakers?

Hi there,

It doesn't sound like you're heading in the right direction for good sound. On-board motherboard sound is always very noisy (even NForce2 on-board sound,) and you are also listening to MP3's which have ~8% of the data of the original CD audio stream. And a lot of people here think that CD (before throwing away 92% of the data) don't have enough information encoded in them already.

Try ripping CDs that you buy using cdparanoia or (for Windows I think it's called) EAC. Then play these back. Then you are starting to move towards hi-fi.