McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5

Knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated here. Which would you consider is better and why? I'm deciding between the two.

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Assuming the DNA2 Deluxe sounds like a DNA1 Deluxe: Neither is better. The Sim is smoother in the HF with gobs of power. The DNA is dynamic and punchy. Depends on your application.
OK. It's nice that so many people love their DNA-2 amps but, until someone does a side-by-side comparison with the W-5, all the comments can not answer the original query.

Yes, McCormack service is quick and attentive but so is SimAudio service. My main point is that paeons for one amp or the other are not to the point.
I have no doubt that the DNA2 is a great amp although I have not heard it. However, have any of you DNA2 fans actually compared it, side by side, with a SimAudio Moon S-5?