McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5

Knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated here. Which would you consider is better and why? I'm deciding between the two.

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Hi Kr4; The DNA-2DX is considerably more dynamic and transparent than the DNA-1DX mentioned above, yet it still plays with great "finesse" at low listening levels. It will drive any load and has great, but not exaggerated bass. I have not heard the Sim, but I feel that the McCormack DNA-2DX is one of the most under rated amps in high end audio-- probably because it was never reviewed by a major high end mag. I have two 2DXs, and used a 1DX for about 3 years. I see there is a 2DX in the classifieds for $2600.-- good price. Happy Hunting. Craig
Sorry, meant to say Hi Valdee, but Hi to Kr4 anyway:>)