Matching amp for Talon Khorus

Hi Audiogoners,
I am calling Talon Khorus's owners for opinions and experiences.
I'm building a new system around Talon Khorus X(CMRC Upgraded). The rest are BAT31se, Sony 777ES cd player, Quatro fill, Golden cross i/c cables, Shunyata power cables....
At budget 3k-5k, What amp (either Tube or SS)should be on my short list to take most advantages of the full potential of these speakers to be good matching for classical instrument, vocal, jazz and modern opera....
I would also appricate all adivses, comments from whom with current experiences with Talon Khorus X.
Thank you all and Happy Listening
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The Parasound JC-1s, Sim Audio amps, Belles mono amps, Bryston mono amps would all work well with the Talons.

Happy Listening.
I have owned a pair of Khorus for over a year now as well as the BAT 31SE. Because the Khorus is more efficient than many other larger speakers, like the Thiels, Avalons, Magnepans, etc., I would shoot more for higher quality rather than higher power.

If you really like the BAT sound, I suggest you consider a pair of the VK60s on the used market....or perhaps even the solid state BAT amps. I have found that the Counterpoint NPS400 is an excellent match. Even a pair of Counterpoint amps would be a killer setup here. But if this is for a HT system where the system is on much of the time, then a lower powered solid state amp like the Pass X150 would be more than enough. So many choices here like the Plinius 102, smaller Goldmunds, etc., because of this speaker's easy drivablility.
I am runnig a VK5i and VK60 with the Khorus X and they sound great toghther. I believe Mike Farnsworth of Talon runs BAT tubes. I have looked at the monoblocks, but do not have the space.
Disclaimer: I am a Talon dealer.

Hello Millerdson...Basically, as long as you are running quality, high-current solid state, it is tough to go wrong. Although there are exceptions (see below), I do not care for tube amps with Talon speakers. As I have stated previously in the forums, Talon speakers thrive on high-current (feel free to verify this with Mike Farnsworth).

The only tube amps that I feel sound good with Talon speakers are those from VAC, WAVAC, Bruce Moore, Atmasphere, and Rogue. I have heard the BAT gear with Talon and it was ok, but not my personal preference.

Within your budget, I recommend that you add the following to your short list:

Simaudio W-5 Stereo
Simaudio W-6 Monos (within your budget at used pricing)
Electrocompaniet AW220 Monos
Spectron Musician II Stereo
Bel Canto eVo2 Monos
McCormack DNA-500
Rogue M-150 Monos (tube)

All are superb performers and which one would work best for you will depend upon your personal preferences.

Best Regards...Mike,Jr - Father & Son Audio

I might be late on this thread? I am a Talon Khorus owner who ran 2 Mono Bat Vk-60's for some time in my 34' x 16 x 8.5 listening room. I also use a Bat Vk-3i pre-amp & still do, however the Vk-60's are gone. I have been running Bryston 7b-st's Mono's for over 9 months now, & am overly impressed without missing the tubes. The Vk-60's with my room size just did not have the juice to unleash the low end of the Khorus's, without adding a Roc sub. The 7b-st's, & the Talon's are a grand match, & I think they'll hang around for awhile!
Best SS amp or amp I have owned on my Khorus XII's are Parasound JC-1 monoblocks. They are much better than even the Bruce Moore Dual 70 on these speakers. First time I have really heard my speakers! Just brought them alive.