Talon Khorus owners, please read

I don’t know how many of you there are, but I have found a “must buy” accessory for the Talon Audio Khorus loudspeakers. Since purchasing these speakers some time ago, I have been playing around with any footer/vibration control devices I could get my hands on. I have noticed that these speakers are very sensitive to this area of tweakdom, an observation that Grant at SoundStage noted as well. I have tried everything from Pulsar Points, Valid Points, Vibrapods, Aurios MIB’s, the big Orchard Bay cones, etc, etc. But none of them came close to the improvement that a Sistrum platform from Star Sound Technologies made under each speaker (the makers of the original Audio Points). I first heard about them through the feedback section of Stereotimes. Supposedly Clement Perry uses them under his Talon’s, and the Inner Ear Report just did a review of these products and the writer basically stated that they are the greatest vibration control devices he has ever used. Well, I really don’t care what they have to say, all I know is that these platforms elevated the performance of my Khorus’s by another 15-20%. Improvements are difficult to quantify, but these improvements are not subtle, in fact they are quite dramatic. Bass lines tighten, vocals open up, treble detail increases, and all while remaining coherent from top to bottom (something that the other products could not maintain in my setup). Overall, they afforded a much bigger improvement than I ever would have imagined. Definitely give them a try fellow Talon owners!
What about Aerial 10ts? Inquiring minds want to know. Oh, and "they" want to know how much?
What if any improvements did you notice with the Orchard Bay cones? Worth the cost of the upgrade? Thanks.
The Sistrum SP-1 platforms are $299 each. You can find more info on their website: www.audiopoints.com . They also sell 2 different size racks, one of which I own. Again, the improvements afforded by placing your components on this rack are simply amazing. As far as the improvements with the Orchard Bay Cones, they too tightened up the bass and lower mids, while aloowing more detail to pass through. However, the Sistrum platforms were an order of magnitude better, especially in improving image specificity, soundstage reproduction, and overall coherence. A buudy of mine has tried these under some Meadowlark's and noted the same improvements. Really, they should work great under any speaker.
Dolphin, any way you can use these Sistrum bases with smaller floor standing speakers? The platform appears to need a speaker base of at least @19 x 16 to work under it, unless they are adjustable in some way. Is the platform that much better than just using three of the audiopionts cone/footer combos?
Yes, they are adjustable, but if they are not "adjustable" enough they also make a smaller platform for smaller footprints. And yes, they are sooo much better than the "regular" audio points. There is a dealer that I know that lets people demo the products that he sells (the Sistrum platforms are one of those products) in their own home. If you are interested, just drop me an e-mail.
I put a pair of the Sistrum platforms on my Khorus and now can't go back. Just wish the points didn't do so much damage to the bottom of the speaker though.