New Audio Physic Avanti 3's versus previous Talon Khorus

Talon's current Khorus speaker(not the new X series) has received fantastic reviews. Audio Physic has just introduced the new Avanti 3 speaker. Mike Fremer in Sterophile loved them, and so did Sensible Sound in a shorter and less critical review.I would appreciate opinions and comments by anyone with experience with either one or both speakers.I have listened to AP's Virgos and generally like them, especially unboxy sound. I have never heard the any of the Talon models.
I've lived with the Avanti III's for several months now and think they are an exceptional speaker that anyone in this price range should seriously consider. I have heard the Talons and have been disappointed but feel this may have more to do with room accoustics and associated equipment than the actual speaker. I have never NOT heard the AP's sound good....this was meaningful to me in my decision.
These are two excellent but very different speakers. I'd say the APs have more the classic "audiophile" type of presentation, exhibiting a voluminous soundstage while pulling of an impressive disappearing act that AP speakers are famous for.

The Khoruses strengths lay more in dynamics, quickness, extention, and overall palpability. Although they do a good job of disappearing given their size, and the soundstage is impressive, they fall short of the Avanti 3 in these categories. The Khoruses strike me more like professional monitors in their immediacy, transparency, and quickness but with many "audiophile" qualities as well. Bass goes to the Khoruses hands down.

To sum up, I find both these speakers do almost everything extremely well, and I find it easier to compare them based on their corresponding extraordinary strengths rather than any weaknesses. So it basically depends on which strengths are more important to you. Hope this helps.

I looked long and hard at both the Audio Physic and Talon line at the CES this year, and specifically at the Avanti III and Khorus.

Both are very good loudspeakers, and their virtues far outweigh their shortcomings.

The Avanti is the sweeter sounding of the two, and may be too sweet for some ears. The Avanti seemed to me to have a definite sonic signature - a pleasant one, but still... I enjoyed them a great deal, but ultimately wasn't fooled into thinking I was hearing a live performance.

The Khorus was very dynamic and full-bodied, and was to my ears voiced very nicely, except in the extreme highs. On program material I was familiar with, I found the very top end slightly subdued. This was a relatively minor shortcoming - the speaker does many things well, including conveying the feeling of a live performance. It just needed a touch of air and sparkle, at least to my ears.

In the end, I did not pick up either product line, but think well of them both.

Two other speakers in the same general ballpark impressed me a great deal - the Kharma Ceramique 1.0, and the Gradient Active Revolution. The Kharma was exceptionally smooth and coherent for a multi-driver system (I'm used to full range electrostats), and the active Gradient had a most natural-sounding presentation that kept drawing me back for more. Eventually I chose to take on the Gradient line, but the other three are very good speakers, too.
re, Avanti III: following on A/kinesis' & Soix's comments above, I would add two points.
1) speakers seems to require power amplification well above their price "level"; for example, a S-Line Kraft 250 class A introduced mid-bass clarity and lower bass extension that was perceptibly slightly lacking (note: slightly). But this amp costs more than a pair of Avantis.

2) I found room positioning critical for mid-bass. I ended up settling (at a friend's, so am not living with the Avantis) for speakers firing onto the long end, well into the room (8-9ft), with very slight toe-in -- barely perceptible.