Any cheap silver cables for Talon Khorus?

Please give me some suggestions on cheap IC and speaker cable for my Khorus, thx in advance.
As I own speakers that cost alot less then your Khorus' my definition of cheap may be very different from yours...

That aside if its price dictating first and foremost Bear Labs produces silver cables for what appears to be a reasonable value. Others to check into would be Purenote (formerly all silver but now producing a silver/copper mix), Silver Audio, and probably the cheapest of the lot would be LAT International who produce a silver/copper "blend".

As I have only used copper to date I can't offer any opinions as to their respective ability to match your gear...
There are several low cost possibilities. Homegrown Audio manufactures a terrific silver braided cable that is affordable. Stealth Audio and Elco Audio both have silver cables that come up for bid on the internet. Alpha Core Goertz makes silver ribbons that have won critical acclaim but they border on the higher priced strata. If you are handy, you may want to take a chance on building your own silver ribbons. There are a number of internet sites that have DIY information for buiding silver ribbons and other configurations. Have fun in your cable journey!
Be forewared...cheep silver is almost alway's zippy and bright! The newer more expensive 7/9's silver offerings are a tad pricy, but much much much better! Actually, Acoustic Zen makes some Matrix Reference (Silver/Copper hybrid) at $500 retail for 1m, about $300-350 used. This is worth every penny!
Also, if this is too much, you can try to find some older used Audioquest Lapis silver cables...they were better than most anything for the $, and can be found at $125 range. Good luck
Try TG Audio. I too don't know what your definition of cheap is. I'm curious, though, about why you want to go cheap with Khoruses. And also why the cables have to be silver. No need to answer these questions. I just think there are more important factors involved in cables than whether they're silver or not.
I'm the Van Den Hul fan since they give you a possibility to get unterminated wire that you can use as a realy great cable.
If you visit their website you will find a huge chart of wires or just by simply calling them you will get their best and cheapest advise how to build your own speaker cable with their best quality parts and materials saving a huge buck.
I also recommend trying out the cables from Homegrown Audio. I was very impressed at how much I enjoyed their Super Silver interconnects at only about US$90/meter.

Their speaker cables are also pretty impressive at about $25/foot.

I would also highly recommend that you try the silver cables from Luminous Audio (not LAT). The synchestra speaker cable is also about $25/foot, and it's transparancy and balance in my system were just unbelievable.