Martín Logan choice help

Hi and thanks for the help you can offer.

I am trying to choose between a pair of Clarity or a pair of SL3s

Your opinion matters as this will be a shot in the dark without your comments.

I am just getting back into 2 channel systems and have a clean slate.
I don't know the Clarity, owned the SL3s 12 years. You should expect to replace the "film" in the stator panel since you are buying used. This may be a significant expense. I'd check with MartinLogan before pulling the trigger. The SL3 is a good speaker but light on bass and needs lots of power to push it. It is fairly "beamy" so the listening sweet spot is very focused. If you are sold on Martin Logan, I strongly recommend buying new.

I also recommend a new ML speaker as opposed to used.  Their newer speakers are better than ever too.  Just not to those people who look at the past with biased rose colored glasses.
Thank you for the feedback. If any more opinions are out there, all helps.

I was thinking before, that I could get the Magnepan LRS, new and a good subwoofer or two. As an alternative. And I could get these all new. I cannot reach new MLs with my start up budget.

What do you think?
if you are trying to assemble a new system from scratch, IMO settle on the speakers first then go from there. go to some dealers (if available) to hear what's on offer in your price range. Then pick the amplification to drive them and decide what kind of front end you like.
@sunshdw out of reach. Thank you for the though though 😀

That is good advice. Thank you. 
I currently own Clarity, after living with it for about a year, I am impressed with this little guy. I have push Clarity with Micromega M100 Integrated amp, the result is spectacular. However, it really took me many trials and error to find the ideal position. And one of the major downfalls will be the small sweet spot. If you just move your head by an inch or two, you will lose that sweet spot. And yes, Martin logan panel would require to refurbish or replace soon or later. Brand new replacement panel is about 830USD from Martin logan, so you should factor into the future cost. 
"I was thinking before, that I could get the Magnepan LRS, new and a good subwoofer..."

That would be a better route to take assuming you also get an amplifier that drives them close to their potential. As for Martin Logan panels, in my experience they last much much longer in terms of their sound performance if they are cared for properly by their previous owner(s), e.g., exposure to direct sun, smoke, dust, humidity, etc. I have a pair of ~20 year old Aerious I model speakers and they (still) sound very clean, crisp, top to bottom. Same consideration for amplifier choice applies to Martin Logans as well. My suggestion is consider your total budget and divide it between speakers and the amplifier/preamplifier, source component, cables, etc., etc., accordingly.
Good luck.
Thanks for the last posts guys.

I talk directly with Martin Logan and replacement panels run $1300 plus shipping and tax.

So anyone buying old MLs even for $1000 is really buying a $2500 speaker with inevitable panel replacement.

That ends being the budget and when you look at it that way and you have $2500 then it opens up the game to new or newer speakers and options.

I decided to try the LRS and ordered some 2 or 3 weeks ago. 8 weeks approx from order to shipping is Magnepan's estimate.

Thank you all.
Congratulations. Based on my experience with the MMGi model which has about the same dimensions, you may also want to try the Sound Anchor stands to lift them a few inches off the ground. In my room, the improvement in sound quality was substantial. Also, as I’m sure you already know, pulling them well into the room will significantly enhance their sonic presence.
@kalali   Thank you for your comments.

First step is patiently wait for delivery. LOL.

I was advised by Magnepan directly that a Rel sub woofer will do wonders. Apparently a single unit t5i will do.

So slowly I will tweak. 

I'll try to post my experience once I get going.


Good choice on the LRS's - great speaker.
Listening to them as I type.