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Integrated amp recommendation for Maggie .7's
Problem solved   https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/model=str-integrated-amplifier/page=overview  
Looking for advise with selecting next integrated amp
Good power, input flexibility and ARC would do the trick    https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/model=str-integrated-amplifier/page=overview  
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
Off the top of my head  Paradigm Persona 3F  Aurum Cantus V8F There's a whole bunch of speakers within that height range and comparable generically.   
Recs for small footprint integrated amp (<= 14 inches W) min 30 WRMS
I sold a bunch of these for desk top applications       
Speaker placement.
I've tried it both ways in my 12x14 room and prefer the speakers on the short wall (see my virtual system).  
B&W 802 d4 with Tube Amplifier
I sold a client the 802D2 and Ref75 and it was a fantastic combo. He had a decent sized dedicated room (approx 15 x 20) so volume wasn’t an issue. I think in a big room the amp may struggle a bit but I know the D4 is more efficient than the D2 ver... 
My Home Theatre Room Challenges - Is It Worth It To Upgrade Speakers
I would also throw out jumping up to an Anthem MRX740. Having their room correction software will also make a big jump in the sonic output.   
Whittling down my choices to a final few pair...
The Wilsons would suck that little Benchmark dry, you'd be better off keeping the ATI.   
integrated amp for Wilson Sabrina X
Just throw another option out there, consider this one. Plenty of power, connections for anything and room correction.   https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/model=str-integrated-amplifier/page=overview  
What happened to Rotel?
Why not go to the dealer you bought it from and have them assist?  
Using preamps with Bass Management and Room Correction?
I have the STR Stack to a 2.2 system in a smallish dedicated room and it works awesome. ARC is a great tool but not the magic bullet, properly treating the listening space is also a good idea.  
Difference in Using Mono-blocs with Maggie 20.7's
I agree with the above description. Jumping to the MC611 for instance would be a noticeable jump but not a "holy crap" moment. As long as you manage your expectations I think it would be a good jump, your Maggies will thank you.    
Why didn't I sell my vinyl rig?
My analog system was pretty close to my digital playback. Of coarse that all depends on the record and all the variables that dictate if it'll sound good which is one of the main reasons I sold my analog system.   
The Forgotten
Aurum Cantus - Although more known for their raw drivers, their speakers are a big bang for the buck and are very much under the radar.   
The company closed 2020 @plsurg11  I would contact Underwood HiFi, they were a dealer