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Responses from sunshdw

Outdoor Garage Speakers
B&W AM-1 - IMO the best sounding outdoor rated speaker and with 130w on them they'll do a great job! 
Super tweeter for FullRange Driver
I had the Aperion Audio super tweeters on top of my 8" AN speakers and they did enough for me. They've got a decent amount of adjustment which is handy.  
Tannoy XT8F vs. Fyne F502
I just ordered the F501s and I chose them over the Tannoy based on looks and the materials. Also, the Tannoys have been around a while so I'd guess the Fyne versions will be a bit more up to date. 
Truly High Efficiency, High Quality, Nearfield Usable, Affordable Speakers, Do They Exist?
I'll also throw in the Omega speaker recommendation. If your friend is handy there's a ton of 6" and 8" kits that would foot the bill and is pretty cheap. Madisound has a few kits using Fostex Drivers which are really efficient. THe other cool par... 
is the Tannoy Xt 8f a warm speaker??
I've been eyeing the XT6Fs for my smallish room (11.5x14). I'm using a 8" full range currently on a full stack of Schiit. I've read a bunch about both of these and I, too, am worried I won't like them if they are "bright". However, on my gear I th... 
Bache Audio Tribeca
They do look very interesting and I wished I could hear them over here on the west coast.   
Battery Back-Ups, Surge Protectors and Power Strips
Surge protection is my vote. I have a Furman Elite 15 for my head end and a Richard Gray 400 Pro for my amps.Battery back ups don't last long with audio gear.  
Schiit Aegir
Of the 4 pieces of Schiit I've ordered I have only had a delay once when I ordered my preamp.It's a great product and they're a small company so things happen. btw the Aegir is a fantastic amp for the money with higher efficient speakers and even ... 
Alta Audio Rhea - Driver Question
Looks like https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rs180p-4-7-reference-paper-woofer-4-ohm--295-375 https://www.parts-express.com/fountek-neo-x-30-ribbon-tweeter-black--296-713  
GR Research NX-Otica and Servo OB Subs
Man, I want to try this speaker/sub combo out sooooo bad. I emailed GR and told them about my smallish (11.5W x 14D x 8H) room and Danny's response was " Open baffle speakers like the NX-Otica are more room friendly than a set of mini-monitors." a... 
tube rolling with Schiit Freya +
@mkh1099 They told me the same thing and to be honest I never really heard a difference from any of my Schiit stuff after hundreds of hours of play time vs right out of the box. I replaced the stock tubes to their recommended Tung Sol "upgrade" an... 
Great Rock System on the Cheap (ish)!
Sounds like a great system that, most importantly, you enjoy! On a side note I’m a fan of Alice and Chains as well and have worn out my copies of unplugged and jar of flies on vinyl. 
Which AV Receiver?
Save a little more money and grab a Anthem MRX520, no other brand comes close to their room correction software and it's full featured.  
Newb..pls help.
Looks like the 1572 has a much better DAC so you could use the digital out of your Marantz into it and it'll make it sound a bit better. Also the 1572 does DSD via the PC-USB in case that's an interest. If neither of those are of interest to you t... 
Suggestions for bookshelf speakers that have great dynamics, budget of $500 used.
I've seen some good press on the Klipsch RPM600 and I think they're within your budget.