Marantz service

I have a Marantz SR7005 receiver. It has had problems from day one. It wouldn't do software updates and often needed to be turned off and back on to recognize sources.
I finally sent it in to George Meyer factory repair center maybe 6-8 months ago, when it came back the Audessy would no longer work and sound out of only one speaker in certain conditions, called them back and the service dept was on vacation I was told. So I sold it on ebay disclosing problems, buyer couldn't get multiple features to work and initiated a dispute and sent it back to me. Now I sent it to another Marantz repair center and am told because I don't have the original receipt they cannot service it. I called the dealer where I bought it, they had a computer crash and don't have records from when I bought it. Hours and hours and hours for an expensive unit that hasn't worked from day one. I think I am just going to tell the repair center to keep it and don't contact me again. Marantz says they can't help me.
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Wow! I've heard of being screwed, but that's what I call being SCREWED! I feel bad for you, but sometimes the best thing you can do is swallow, take a deep breath, and move on.
Good Luck.
Perhaps your credit card company can provide you with proof of purchase. Then I would contact Marantz service again directly. Good luck.
That is sad to read. About 20 Yrs ago I bought a DV8300 Multi Format Disc Player and had problems with it reading certain SACD discs. I contacted Marantz service and they were great to work with. They bought the same discs and tried them and discovered that some of the SACD's were formatted a little differently and determined that they needed to adjust the programming or processing for their players. They did so and sent me new player and paid postage to return mine. And all through this they kept in contact with me, I was very impressed and pleased. I am sad to hear that maybe they have changed their methods. But I would keep trying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But this all may have happened before the D&M Holdings became effective. Good luck.
I had a Marantz Sa11S1 sacd/cd player that was rather problematic. I found the companies reliance on third party service vendors ending up leaving the consumer subject to poor repair service and long wait times. While in theory, multiple service centers should lead to faster repair times, the reality is that poor performance on the part of these service businesses leave me never wanting to buy a Marantz product again. Which is unfortunate because I like their products.
Get credit card's purchase date and kindly explain to your dealer it is their responsibility to replace it with a properly working unit. If they refuse, kindly explain to them you will see them in court. I had to do this over an expensive Denon receiver once (same story), and it was replaced before I could blink. Do not get steamrolled by a sh%^*y dealer.
I think you have discovered that 'service' for electronics is an oxymoron. Best you trash it and move on to another unit. You will sleep better.
Bojack is exactly right, have the dealer make out a new receipt or have them contact marantz.
you should let everyone know what repair center that was so we can avoid them, this is a big community, and they will pay in lost business many times over?
Marantz (and Denon) are now owned by Sound United, which is, in turn, a subsidiary of DEI Holdings -- a US private equity firm.  While private equity firms can do some good things in corporate America, their primary objective is to cut costs and make money any way possible.  Not saying DEI will necessarily wreck Marantz as a higher level, mass-market brand, but history does not breed much confidence.  Personally, I'll also be monitoring reliability issues as private equity firms usually will sacrifice longer-term reliability for shorter-term profits.  We'll see, but I don't trust PE firms as far as I can throw them.  FWIW. 
Amen , very little more evil on the planet !