Marantz DV-9500: Anyone Listened to it or Bought?

Hello all,
Has anyone listened to or bought one of these lately?
If so:
How did it sound on each of the formats?
How was the video?
Is it superior to the Marantz DV-8400 on each of the formats, and in what ways?
If so, is it a small improvement over the DV-8400 or a significant improvement?
Finally, how does it compare on all formats to other similarly priced players?
Thanks a million!
I just traded my 8400 in on the 9500 last week and the first impression is WOW the video is much better! I have early Panasonic Direct View 34" HDTV so I have no DVI or HDMI but will be changing that soon afetr the first of the year. I am using Tributaries SC component cables. The picture has much more definition , crisp edges and color acuracy. That was my complaint with the 8400, no depth. As for the audio the SACD images better on the 2 channel sound, the multi sounds slightly better. I get a little better "center focus" the same for the DVD-A. Overall I made a great decision in upgrading. The 9500 is about an inch taller and the connections in the back are spreadout a little more for easier connection. The one disapointment is the aluminum faceplate is gone. Marantz deemed the face plate made of plastic grained to resemble the alum faceplate used on the 83/8400 as a place to keep costs down. I would rather have paid a little more to get the aluminum. I suppose that it is a product of the Denon/Marantz marraige. Hopefully McIntosh won't pick up this cost cutting practice. But in comparison the the DVD5900 Denon the video on the 9500 is as good if not slightly better without the Faroudja chipset.
I wish to make a correction to my previous statement concerning the face plate on the DV9500. I was prompted after typing in my response to make a closer inspection of the faceplate. It is indeed aluminum but has a much better finish than the previously owned 83/8400s. It actually appears to be plastic but is just a much smoother and more polished finish than before. As the Who once sang I can only hope "won't get fooled again" my appologies to Marantz.
Dalton, you dont like your Onkyo SP1000? You just got it a week or so ago didnt you?

I was curious, with two coaxial outs it looked like a flexible solution for my HT. Do you think the Onkyo has a good transport? I was thinking a good DAC for two channel. Hence the two coaxial outs.

But.....I must admit I am also considering a one box solution. Such as a modded Denon 3910.
Yes I did purchase an Onkyo DV-SP1000 a couple of weeks ago.
The build, video, transport, and sound are all superb...BUT...after I let it break in for a couple of weeks, its just a tad too laid back sounding for my tastes.
Some people will love this quality because of its lack of harshness or brightness, and its outstanding smoothness.
I just personally like a slightly more forward, open, and slightly livelier sound. I used to own a Pioneer DV-47Ai.
The Onkyo has a smoother more laid back sound, and the Pioneer had a livelier and slightly more upfront sound. The SACD and CD performance is better overall on the Onkyo, but the Pioneer is better for DVD-Audio. The picture on the Onkyo is also slightly better.
I will probably sell the Onkyo and search for a unit that better suits my personal tastes in audio reproduction.
Hope this helps.
Lanny, if your sp 1000 is only slightly better for video to the Pioneer, this must mean that your not even using the hdmi upconversion on the Onkyo...correct?

There are many people waiting for a good deal on the sp 1000 and the only other one I have seen sold used after being used in a shootout whith the the Estoric dv-50, was sold in an hour at Videogon.
Dalton, it certainly does, thanks so much. From your description, it appears that our taste in presentation is very similar. I too prefer a more upfront and lively sound. Especially dynamics and leading edge attack. But unfortunately my money tree has a low harvest threshold and therefor I must spend wisely.

How do you guys feel the transport sections of the newer universal DVD players stack up?
There is a fairly indepth reveiw of the Onkyo sp 1000 being used as a transport as compared to the Denon 3910 being used as a transport whith the top Krell pre/pro at in the massive Onkyo sp 1000 thread....somwhere in the last 5 pages.

Apparently..there is no comparison and the better built Onkyo is much better as a transport than the 3910.

I agree whith Lanny that the dvd-a on the sp 1000 is a bit warm sounding, but then again, this is my least used format and I have only had the bright sounding Denons to compare to for dvd-a.

Lanny, you may want to break in each individual format a bit more though.
Thanks Ears I'll check that out.
Basically what I am really searching hard for is the very best 2 channel DVD-Audio performance for $2,000.00 or less.
DVD-Audio is currently my favorite format [besides analog] for music reproduction. As you can probably tell from my other threads, I am a HUGE fan of this format.
I am looking for the best resolution, detail, openness, focus, and aliveness on this format for $2,000 or less.
Is there any way or anywhere that we can obtain the British, German, or French reviews of the Onkyo DV-SP1000?
Any place where the French and German reviews have been partially or fully translated to English?
Thanks alot.
Lanny, I know you said your budget is 2k but I've read great things about the McCormack UDP1 and its DVDA playback. Might be closer in you're range if you buy used.

I am very interested in this topic as well. I am interested in the UDP-1 but for the extra money I have not heard anyone say that it is clearly superior to either the Marantz or Onkyo. Also, what happened to the discussion of the Marantz? Should I jump on the Onkyo if I want a warmer sound?
I have reservations about the McCormack after reading the "Measurements" sections of the Stereophile review of it.
Lanny, The Marantz 9500will outperform almost all cd players under $2500....and U get it all...remember...2 channel also means DVD-A and SACD...and these sound better than a redbook cd....that means even though you're interested in 2 channel're still going to need a universal dvd player to get the most out of your 2 channel.....Waste no time..get the Marantz dvd-9500 and enjoy it all. If this player was made by one those "small audiophile companies"'re looking at $ 5,000for this kind of Beautiful, musical sound......stay away from the Denon's for music...unless they're a reliable Mod....Good Luck
Hey, just recently received my new one and must say it is the nuts! I really can't find any weaknesses and video quality is superb. Marantz has had terrific video qualities and this tops them all. I was concerned about redbook cd playback ( I have over 600) but haven't been dissapointed. This is a real world universal player that even us average Joes can afford.
I just finished "burning in" my new Marantz 9500 ....Holy this thing sweet on redbook cd's....I haven't heard a cd player this "sweet"in a long time....In fact I can't remember if I've ever heard my cd's sound so "natural"....all the digital harshness is GONE....even cd's that I thought were UN-LISTENABLE are now enjoyable....And you otta hear THE STONES in SACD ...Whoaaaaa.......Can't wait till I check out the Video and DVD-A....And I can't get it to mistrack...even on discs I thought were ready for replacement.....I haven't been this excited about a new piece of gear in a long long time......
Yep...I just installed mine last weekend. The video performance is beyond my best expectations. It's not broken in yet, but I am VERY pleased thus far. If you are considering this price range for a universal player look no further. This is the real thing.
Dennish and Dj, I also own the 9500 and like it very much. I have a question for you both, however. Do you hear a "click" when powering up the unit out of standby mode? I ask because I could swear my older DV8400 was dead silent when coming up out of standby.