Marantz 2325's interaction with 4 speakers/load?

I am bidding on a Marantz 2325 amp, and want to know can I drive my Thor speakers (like 6 ohm, I think) on one set of outs and with the other speaker outs run a pair of Seas W26's as woofers(has a proper xover). Will this load damage the amp over time? are the Marantz's built "like a tank", so no problem?? I wish to see how much more dynamics I can get out of the Thors with the Marantz, vs the little Jadis Orchestra intergrated. I use to have a Marantz 2015, for a little guy, sure was nice sound. I recall there was talk back in the 70's that the 2265/2250 was more musical vs the bigger Marantz's. True?
Go to web site .Click on Marantz.then scroll down click on 2325.What is the "ohm rating" on the W26`s.Are you sure the Thor are 6 ohm.The vintage old Marantz receivers were built like a tank.I don`t know though if it would handle 2 sets of 4 ohm loads.2 sets of 6 ohm I don`t think there would be any problem.Just remember the the old girl is almost 30 years old.You will have to treat her as such.
Supposedly, the only Marantz 22XX series receiver that was the strange bird was the 2270 ... 70 watts per channel to 8 ohms and 46 watts per channel to 4 ohms ... just the opposite of what you would expect. The 2325 and 2330 at 125/130 wpc respectively were warhorses, as you alluded to. You may wish to check the Vintage Asylum at Audio Asylum for more info. Bald Eagle (Jerry) is the Asylum's resident guru of most things vintage and Marantz, if you want to email him. Another name to know is Bill at Music Technology who specializes in vintage Marantz repair. If you win the auction, your 30 year old Marantz will probably requiring some servicing, even if it is only cleaning/replacing bulb fuses/upgrading the power cord.

Regards, Rich
Almost forgot, I have been using a 2240 for almost two years now ...
musical, beefy sounding receiver. I have been using it with NHT SB2's
and it has been a super combination. I have just ordered a pair of
Omega's Super 3's (but in the TS3 body) and can't wait to hook up this
modified Fostex one speaker/ cross-over less system to the Marantz.
Should be outrageous ... or as outrageous as this stuff gets. By the way,
I have found the 2240 (made in 1974) preferable in just about every way
to the 2216B (made in 1978 and currently used as a tuner). I do not
agree that the later date Marantz babies are all that others make them
out to be.

BTW, Jerry's moniker is BOLD Eagle ... these bi-focals have to go!

Regards, Rich
How could I forget/overlook the fact that the Thors are a 4 ohm speaker, requiring plenty of high quality juice to make them come alive with dynamics. So the 2325 is 125 into 8 ohms. Will the 30 yr amp be ok driving these 4 ohms at low volume, which is how I listen. Also I want to use the satalite speaker outs to drive the W26's which are 4 ohms...I got a feeling I may be asking for trouble, seeing the amp described at 125 into 8 ohms, thus may be unhappy with the 4 speakers at 4 ohms. Workable?
Supposedly, the Marantz 22XX receivers were stable at 2 ohms , which is the load that 2 sets of 4ohms speakers would present. Time to do some research either on Audio Asylum or with the names that I provided to you. Another source would be A.G. Tannenbaum for a technical manual. Also, Mike Zaccaro out of San Diego is a former Marantz technician who frequents the Vintage Asylum.

Regards, Rich
Rich, that the 22XX series could handle 2 sets 4 ohms speakers may be true in its first years of life, but as Jea48 mentions, the "old faithful" is going on 30+, so I don't want to press my luck. I'll use the 2325 for the Thors only, buy a second Marantz(not sure which, maybe the 2265) as a biamp for the W26's. Thats probably what I'll do. I'll follow up on the links, thanks for the links. Funny how the more things change, some things remain the same, The Marantz 70's quality still shines, as witnessed on the reviews. I'll keep everyone posted on the results. I think the Thors will take a toll on the Jadis, as I need to put the treble all the up for proper dynamics to come in on the Thors, without music on, vol up all the way+treble up all the way, I hear a pretty loud hum comming from right channel. Not sure what that is, believe it started with the Thors last month. I'll have a tech ck it out.But as I say, with treble down alittle, the hum fades greatly. The tone controls on the Jadis are not like those on ss units, basicall its an on/off setup, with no gain increments.
You will have no problem running your Thor`s with the 2325.It will easily handle the 4 ohm load.
Thats great news. As i say, back in 1975, all I could afford was the Marantz 2015, since I was only making $250 an hour clearing window air conditioners down here in New orleans during the summer. I totally forgot the Marantz amps, as I was searching Audiogon for a reasonably priced Elecrto, then the idea hit me , the old Marantz's. There's quite a few on Ebay, all models. I'll certainly keep everyone posted as to the meeting of the great from the past(2325) and its showdown with a great in the present, the Seas'. If the Marantz made all those BOMB speakers sound good, you know the ones we all had and thought sounded "far out man", just think how she'll do with the Seas'. Gonna be exciting. Now I fully, completely understand what folks were telling me about getting the right amp for the Seas'. These 4 ohm, 87db Thors work better with ss amps. Like everything in audio, there's a tradeoff. If you have a power hungry speaker, you may do better with ss amps. As much as I like tubes(will get the Cayin 500MK in future), the Marantz may be just the thing to unlock the dynamics in these Seas'. Cheers
Do not connect 2 sets of speakers at 4 ohm or you will blow your output transitors, I know I have done it. The Marantz 22/23/44/43 or any were not designed to run at 2 ohms because you sacrifice Fidelity. The best sound is acheived by running in 8 ohm; 4 ohm kills headroom oh 8ohm amps and 4ohm speakers don't keep the electricity in the coil long enough. The last statement was told to me by a the smartest man I know of he has a PHD in several fields(electornics,Math,ect) and designs Flight simulators for fighter jets.
Well, even if the 2325 is powerful and resistant, I wouldn't try to connect such low load (6+4 in //) expect if you promise to listen at very low level (ambiance style). But you mention an efficiency of 87db (small speakers I suppose), that mean that you will need sometimes to increase volume, and face overload problems in your output stage, that is to say : dangerous current increase and peaks in the output transistors, and then risk of overheat and/or blowing. Stay wise with 4 ohms, and I agree with brose@echosat : nominal Z at 8 ohms is safest and furthermore better, because it provides less damping to the system, which is always overdamped usually. Yours Sincerely.
Why don't you consider getting a pair of Paul Speltz of Anit-Cable fame's new Auto-Formers. These would bring the impedance created by two 4 ohm speakers in parrell resulting in a 2 ohm load that the amp would see, back up to 4,6 or even 8 ohms depending on which taps you use. Another option for you. Also some of the early multi speaker boxes from Niles allowed you to hook up up to four speakers while maintaining the proper impedance by pushing the correct setting on the box for "multiple speakers" attached.
bartokfan, was that $250.00 an hour, or $2.50 an hour?LOL!