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Samsung flat screen TV’s
where's panasonic?? i have a 2006 panasonic plasma that's still kicking ass today! 
Heat from amps?
i would think that any well designed amp would'nt have a heat issue!! 
4 amplifiers to drive 1 pair of speakers?
why would anyone want to use 4 amplifiers to power a pair of speakers?? awhile back i did have 2 amps powering 1 pair of speakers. 1 amp powered the low end and the other amp powered the high end! 
Connecting Bose 901 Equalizer to a receiver or another graphic equalizer
i agree that if your unit does'nt have pre pit main in then you have no choice but to use the tape loop.do you get sound when using the tape loop? if not, your eq maybe defective!! 
Is louder better?
i find that if you have good equipment and a lot of power, i hear sounds that you would'nt hear at low volume! 
Processor question
i have a mcintosh mx132 and mcintosh mc602 as a stereo setup! i have it mated to 4 bose 901 seies 2 speakers. when i watch a movie and turn up the volume it sounds great to me!!! 
Mcintosh MX170 2-Channel Sound
i have a mx132 that i use as a 2 chanell setup! 
stereo review magazine
@JKNOVAK, i still have my bose 901 series 2 from old school! even though many bash bose, i still enjoy listening to them! with my mcintosh mc602 powering them, they sound pretty good at a high listening level!! 
stereo review magazine
Surround Sound Questions
i don't have a 'ht' setup. i just have a 2 chanell setup with 4 bose 901 series 2 speakers. but i do have a mcintosh 600 watt per chanell amp that makes my room shake when i turn up the volume!! 
More Power Part II
@erik, how do you define the power from the phase linear 400 amp?? is it good power?? only reason i ask is because i had one back in the days! i now have a mcintosh mc602 amp! what's your opinion about mcintosh power??? 
More Power Part II
@ erik, how do you define 'best power'?? 
More Power Part II
More Power Part II
i've read many moons ago that you should get the most watts that you can afford!  
Tube amp repair in Socal?
check out 'solutions' in los angeles. they are located on sunset blvd. a few blocks east of vermount ave.!!