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Does anyone play two pairs of speakers at the same time?
i still have my 4 bose 901 series 2 speakers. i have it set up as the 'super bose system' as you older people will know! sounds good to me so i'm happy with it!!! 
To monoblock or not to monoblock McIntosh MC275's
i've read the magazine 'stereo review' since the early 70's to their retirement. julian hersh said to increase volume by 3 decibals you need to triple your power. who is right here?? 
What to do with broken McIntosh Pre-Amp
if you live in the los angeles area, you have 'george myers' and 'solutions'!! 
Mcintosh xr 100 speakers
i've heard that mcintosh builds good pre amps and amps but speakers are not their specialty! 
McIntosh MX121 vs. MX119 for 2-channel
i'm not an audiofile. i only listen to 2 chanell music. i have a mc602 power amp, and i needed a pre-amp tuner to match the looks of my amp. at 'audio classics' the least expensive was the mx132 so i purchased that one.  
Fans on amps.
i would think that an amp would not need a fan if it was designed properly.  
martin logan speakers
exiggy, there;s 'hi fi haven' in whittier that is a 'mcintosh' dealer that use ml speakers hooked up to their macintosh equipment.  
McIntosh autoformers vs direct-coupled output
i don't know too much about equipment but i think with the mcintosh autoformers the power is the same into 2,4 and 8 ohms. with a direct-coupled amp the power is different in those 3 different ohms. 
1 receiver for HT and 2 channel?
hi there. i'm not really an audiophile but i have a mcintosh mx132 preamp tuner that i use in a 2 chanell setupwith a mc602 power amp. it sounds fine to me.  
Spiking speakers not designed for spikes?
what doe's 'spiking' mean?  
Mcintosh 7270, impedance with Martin Logan Request.
i agree with zavato. try both.  
Is it possible to have vinyl nearly noise free?
i bought my turntable back in the early 70's. i've experience a noise free vinyl on the first play. after that it was'nt the same. any comments on this? 
Spectron Audio Out Of Business?
try george myers in santa monica or solutions in los angeles. 
Please...dont flame me (Bose 901-Series I help)
bose, 'no highs, no lows'! i bought my system back in the 4 chanell days. i had a marantz 4300 powering the rear 2 chanells and a phase linear 400 powering the front 2 chanells. i thought they sounded good back then. i had the series 2. today i on... 
Mystery switch
my marantz 4 chanell reciever from the 70's had dolby built in. never used it because i don't remember any fm stations transmitting in dolby.