Manufacturer checkups

This question is in reference to an older preamp I recently purchased with which I have had no prior experience. Some classifieds state the item was recently check out by the manufacturer and given a "clean bill of health". With an older item that has no functional or visual problems and no obvious sonic deficits, is getting that item checked out worth while?
Not in my mind, if only for the shipping risk. If a phone call w the s/n does not indicate any possible problems or "unadvertised updates", I wouldn't do it, but I'm not all that anal about my gear.
I found that many "check out by manufacturer" really mean the item has been sent to manufacturer for repair.

I suggest you ask the seller exactly what has been checked if you are interested in purchasing.
Hmm. I echo Sidssp's sentiments. I'd be leary of that classified description as well and ask the seller what warranted the trip back to the manufacturer.

From my own experience sometimes I've gotten gear that had been sitting dormant for years without being powered up. If I had easy access to the original manufacturer I'd send the piece of equipment to have them review it. Otherwise it would go to a very competent tech to check the item out. I'd do this though if I was really attached to the piece of equipment or if it were an expensive item that I would sell.
I wouldn't be so optimistic as Sidssp.
If you hear
checked out last month by the manufacturer and given a clean bill of health
very often it spelled
"I pluged the unit and turned on and lights on" with no further testing.
When I open such units and see that there's 25 years old dust, I realize that spelling is totally different from what you're hearing just like in English101.
Thank you. Good posts.

Sorry, my initial post was not very clear. My older preamp was not sent to Lamm for inspection, and I do not particularly suspect it has problem. I have wondered, though, if it is supposed to sound better. I am just too un-technical to know if that is a reasonable stance, that parameters may have drifted off or something. Along with the many classifieds advertising equipment that was just checked out by the respective manufacturer, I began to wonder what others' experiences have been.
Some older gear might be in need of some refurbishment, such as new caps, re-bias etc.. If the unit in question comes with detailed documentation of the "checkup", even if it was for a repair, I'd consider it a plus.
I am glad to see this subject out in the open. I frequently wondered why someone would send a perfectly good piece of equipment back to a manufacturer. It is a PITA physically packaging and bringing the piece to be sent as well as a probably expensive little endevor. I send things in when they need to be, not for innocent checkups. I have a hard time believing in innocent check ups. That said, I don't think it would stop me from buying such a piece.
I have two friends, who when they buy used gear, often send it back to manufacturer for inspection, cleaning, calibration, whatever. Makes them feel better, and often not very expensive. Never do it myself.