Magico S1 vs YG Carmels

Has anyone directly compared the Magico S1 and YG Carmels?
I have now heard the Carmels and very much enjoyed their sound. They list at $18,000 vs $12,600 for a similar 2 way aluminum model in the Magico S1, which I have not heard as yet. Is the S1 as musical, resolving and coherent from top to bottom as the Carmel. I am going to audition the S1 when visiting NYC early next month. Thank you for your opinions!
I cannot recall the specific model of Magico I heard in comparison with Carmels. I know that the Magico model sold for quite a bit more than the Carmel. This demonstration was at an audio show. The demonstrator was the distributor for the Carmels, so this was not entirely a fair demonstration. Both speakers were placed in the identical spot (one pair auditioned at a time). The room was a very large ballroom in an old mansion. The electronics included a Veloce tube linestage and a Soulution solid state amp.

I thought both speakers sounded decent. The Carmels were a little warmer sounding and harmonically richer. I was particularly impressed with how accurate it was with acoustic instrument tonality (both strings and woodwinds sounded fantastic). I would have preferred an even warmer sound, but, it was still quite good. The Magicos sound drier and a bit harsh by comparison. Both speakers were quite capable of filling the very large room with high volume sound. Both speakers fall into the highly resolving and detailed camp. As for which is more "musical" by my standards that would easily be the Carmels; I was left feeling a bit cold when listening to the Magico, by comparison.

For me, as between the two, the choice would be easy--the YG Carmels. But, again, this demonstration probably involved electronics favorable to the Carmels, and the chosen speaker location was probably optimized for the Carmels.
Haven't heard the Magicos but had the chance to hear the Carmels and the Joseph Audio Perspectives playing St. James Infirmary back to back in different rooms a few feet from each other at a show. Granted lots of variables there, but suffice it to say they sounded much more alike than different, and if I had to pick one it would've been the Perspectives. Just bringing it up because Stereo Exchange in NYC carries Joseph Audio so may be worth your while to give them a listen too while you're there. Oh, and they're about $5k less than the Carmels. FWIW and best of luck in your search. Be interested in your findings as these are all great speakers.
I think I heard the same demo as Larryi at Capital Audiofest several years back. I'm pretty sure a different model floor standing Magico (S5 possibly?) were involved

The two sounded more similar to me than different with the vocal jazz recordings demoed. Both did an excellent job delivering a convincing full range and dynamic 3-D soundstage in the fairly large ballroom. Both were set up well into the center of teh room to do this FWIW. I did not come away with a clear preference for either.

I think it was a YG demo intended to demonstrate the value of their speakers compared to Magico. My recollection is the YGs came in for much less than the Magico's demoed.
What if you throw B &W 802D in with these two?

How do they compare side by side?

So hard to find dealers that have enough lines.
It was a “tweaked” V3. At that time I owned a V3, and at the demo, they sounded nothing like the V3 I owned. I would not put too much weight in to that shoot out.
The S1 is quite superior to the YG, including the bigger, more expensive 2 ways they make.
I've heard both of these speakers several times in different rooms and systems. They both punch significantly above their weight but I'd give a slight nod to the Carmel which I found to be somewhat more resolving and to have more precise imaging. Needless to say, they are both superb speakers and I could easily see someone preferring the S1s and saving $6k to boot.

That said, I would encourage you to audition the S3 which have impressed me every time I've heard them. Yes, they are $4k more than the Carmels but I think they have the most remarkable midrange I've ever heard from a cone speaker. Perhaps it's the new polycarbonate midrange enclosure but Magico's got something pretty obviously special going with the S3 that I find very compelling. I liked them better than the YG Haileys and I'm a big a YG fan.