Opinions on YG Carmels?

Last night my dealer delivered a pair of YG Carmels and set them up for a one-week trial. They were very sensitive to set-up, at first vocals (e.g. Diana Krall and Shirley Horn) sounding recessed and weak in the soundstage. Fine adjustment of toe-in cured that, but my preliminary assessment is mixed. Excellent detail and clarity (very clean sound), but overall tonal balance seems cooler, lighter and less involving compared to my PSB Platinum M2 monitors. I am using EMM Labs XDS1 cdp, Bryston amplification and Kimber Select cabling. As the week goes on, my opinion will evolve, but I would appreciate hearing about any other experiences with these speakers.
I think these are the YGs I heard demoed at the Capital Audiofest last spring. Female jazz vocal recordings were used for the demo, so that is all I heard.

I liked them. They sounded similar to MAgico V3s that they were demoed against, although perhaps just a TAD thinner or lighter as you describe it.

I also like PSB Synchrony floorstanders I have heard equally as much. Those cost way less than the YBs or magicos though, so I would be hard pressed to spend more without some really careful comparisons head to head beforehand.
Are these speakers fully broken in?
I don't know if the YGs are fully broken in, but they are demos which have been played in the shop. In the few hours I have had them at home, they seem to have improved. So I think they have a way to go before they fully bloom. By the way, I have begun to be very impressed. I played the Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances on RR which knocked my socks off.
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