Primaluna or Rogers for YG Acoustics Carmels

I just bought a pair of YG Carmels and have been running them with an Octive Audio V40SE using a small REL sub. The YG's like tubes as do I. Classical music only. My Octave Audio is a little underpowered for these speakers from what I can gather. The Rogers 100 integrated is 65 watts of pure class A. The Primaluna Dialogue HP is 70 watts AB. I normally use EL34 tubes. Classical music only. The YG's are 8ohm 87db speakers. Which of these two amps ( or you may have a better suggestion) will best fill my needs. I need to stay within $5000. Thanks, Lance
I don't own YG speakers but if they like power 70watts may still not be enough,  That said I like my Prima Luna Prologue 5 a power amp a great deal. using  GL  KT 77s which make fewer watts than the stock KT88s One of the good thing in the  Prima Luna line is the flexibility of the power tubes.

You're amp is going to need some power to drive these speakers. I only found impedance results for the Carmel 2's which indicates much of the mid bass in the frequency spectrum is around 4 ohms.

These speakers seem better suited for a SS amp, but check out the review using a PrimaLuna...

Can not say anything about  YG speakers, I've never auditioned them. I've got Dynaudio Audience 72 quiet inefficient speakers (86 dB)
Currently I have PrimaLuna Dialogue Seven mono blocks and run them not even in ultralinear (70 watt) but in  triode mode (40 watts).
I'm very rarely put more then 50% of power output, like ~ 75% because it's waaay too loud.

BTW this PrimaLunas amps to my ears best sounding amps (for any price)  I've ever auditioned in my 30+ years of audio hobby...
I’ve owned Hailey for a while now.   Been using Stax 40w class A solid state and Tenor 70w OTL Monos with OK results as long as I don’t play Carmina Burana. 
Greencup, +1 on the PL comments. Tube fun without the hassle plus wonderful sound.

I would highly recommend the Rogers. Great sound, built to last and lifetime warranty. Roger Gibboni is a truly nice man and wonderful customer service.
This is the first plug for the Rogers. Are there any other Rogers out there who would like to chime in? Thanks, Lance