Speaker cables for YG Carmels

Can any Carmel owners share what they use

I am after something that is neutral and natural sounding.

I do not own YG speakers but I have heard them on a couple different occasions using Synergistic Research cables and they were stunning.
I had the Carmels for 2 years, running an all Spectral system, and was using MIT/Spectral 770UL. The sound was superb. BTW, the Carmels play the upper bass very well and are very revealing, as I really could tell the difference going from a 2000. amp to a 10k one. Equally, a big difference in upstream component and cables. Excellent speakers!
I use the high fidelity line of speaker cables with my YG Carmel's. Phenomenal speaker, phenomenal cable.
A friend of mine owns YG Carmel speakers. He posted a comment here: http://www.cabledyne.com/reviews-page-5.html. YMMV.