Low priced giant killers

Are there any small 2-ways? Can the Epos M5's do it or maybe something else in this price range (<$800). Some extension needed with some punch, big defined stage and a smooth top end including the detail. No peaks allowed. Not forward but also not recessed. Need a mate for my 90 watt Quicksilvers. Have heard the Proac 1sc years ago but I could not part with 2K for the little guys, great mids and smooth sweet detailed highs. Bass not too deep though. Technology must have moved on to almost get it all at under a G by now? Right?? ;)
Von Schweikert VR-1s.....
If you're patient, you could stumble across a used pair of Merlin TSMs in that price range(in fact, there is a pair in the classifieds rignt now. Not mine!.) Don't know how many giants would feel threatened by them, but they are some very fine small monitors. Merlin has a stellar reputation as well.
Ditto for VR-1s. I did just put a pair of Axiom M3tis ($300US)in my bedroom and they are amazing little speakers for the money. They don't compete with my Dynaudios or VR-1s, but for the money they are fine. Bottom is about 60 Hz as is the VR-1s, but the VR-1s have a sweet midrange and are very life-like, near field monitors. Good luck!
I heard the Silverline 60 from Kirksaeter at CES two years ago and was impressed by their lack of distortion, low bass output and huge soundstage, particularly considering their tiny size.

Suggested retail is $849.00 and many times I wish I had taken advantage of the show special price offered to me that day.

Silverline SR 12 @ $1000.
Green Mountain Europa
Stretch you budget a bit say to 1100-1200 and go with Von Schweikert VR-4. Dont think just do it. You will have all the punch you will want plus outstanding low level detail.
Ive changed amplifiers in the 7-12K range (Used List) and kept these. Best with tubes. A bit power hungry.
Try a used pair of Spendor S3/5.

Good Luck!
Stretch you budget a bit say to 1100-1200 and go with Von Schweikert VR-4.

That's hardly a $1200 stretch from <$800 to $4000 for the VR-4 don't you think? Besides cbbwilkins@hotmail.com ask for 2 way not 3 way. At $4000 there's a bunch of options other than the VR-4.
Said it before and I'll say it again, find a used pair of Acoustic Energy Aesprit AE-300s. Less than half what your willing to spend. Extended bass, fabric tweeter for smooth highs and natural midrange; you can't go wrong. Resell them if you don't like them. I owned the VR-1s and thought these were a much better sounding speaker. My 2 cents.
The smaller Magnepans {MMG or 10-12s} or a DIY from Parts Express using the Dayton Audio Reference drivers {$600/pr}.
I agree with Albert on the Kirksaeter Silverline 60's. Also, the Totem Tabu used is just above that range. A very capable monitor.
Platinum Audio Solo's are quite fine, and you really get to enjoy the bass foundation in all your recordings. Because the company is gone, the used price is in the $600 range. Your 90 watt tube amps are going to be able to power these in their sleep, as I used 35 watts per channel in a twelve by fifteen foot room, and never felt restricted dynamics or extension, despite some Audiogon warnings that only mega-amps need apply.
There was something very special about the overall presentation that really could fool listeners into guessing their used price must be much higher.
Used, obviously, Magnepan IIIa's. Nothing else mentioned is in the same league. Read old reviews of these. We just helped a buddy put in a budget home theater and found some of these. Just a tremendous speaker.
If it must be small, Spendor s3/5 are a really good HONEST speaker under $1k new, around $600 used. If you can go with a modest bookshelf your options open up considerably.
I just picked up a set of Audio Physic Sparks (original model), beacause I was looking for the same thing, basically. These babies simply jump into the room with a huge, spacious soundstage and a ton of detail. I can't imagine getting more speaker for less money, EVER!
This should kill your M5's:
RAW single driver ($299)or 2-way($499)
They should give Epos M12's a run too.
Eminent Technology LFT-8A's new or used. Paired up in "stacked" configuration, they slay legions of giants.