Sain line system cables a hidden giant killer.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on these hiend audio cables.
I'm running all Audioresearch reference equipment along with Martinlogans CLX ART speakers.
Pure music I've tried many cables over the years (actually too many this hobby is crazy) all I can say these are the last, if not the last ever, for a very long time. They open up the music in a way that is pure natural without any sonic signature. This is what I've been searching for and Lord thank you "I've finally found what I've looking for". 
May not be well known but man are they good!
Thanks for sharing, do they sell direct or through dealer network? 
With all due respect hiendmmoe, I strongly disagree.  Cables costing $3,600 (or $1,500 for the cheap one) do not qualify as "Giant Killers" by any stretch of the imagination.  Furthermore, silver-plated copper, cryo treated, with a carbon fiber sleeve and FI-50 connectors, is just assembling a bunch of high quality parts.  Doesn't mean it won't sound good, but there's no advanced technology or innovation here.

At Jaguar we offer expensive power cables, but they're from companies like Audio Magic and Wywires, designed with innovative materials and techniques.  My definition of a Giant Killer is our 2M power cable from Nanotec Systems in Japan.  Triple PC continuous-crystal-copper (from the Japanese factory, not Taiwan) and coated with a mixture of gold and silver nano-size particles  (about $400 with Furutech FI-11 connectors).  I replaced most of the $1,500-2,000 cables in the Jaguar Reference System with this cable as soon as I heard it.

Darin Forkenbrock