Looking to hear new systems in New Jersey

I am looking to hear some new systems in New Jersey. I want to expand my experience with different system sounds so that I can hear and improve my system.

Let me know if you are interested. Sent me a message through Audiogon.

Thank you.
Better call Jim at 'Get Better Sound' for a home visit.
The NJ Audio Society holds regular monthly meetings and has many members... why don't you hook up with them?

Here's a link: https://www.njaudiosociety.com/
Also Johnny Rutan (who posts here often) in Verona will take plenty of time and listen to what you want to listen to. He's become my favorite dealer by far and I've been to over 50 stores around the country in the last couple of years. The society sounds like a great start though.
You can listen to all the systems in the world but unless they are set up by a professional calibrator you will never hear the full potential of the equipment.

Synergy Audio & Video has done calibration work for some members of the Philadelphia Area Audio Group and improved their systems greatly.

Slipknot1 recently had work done by them, perhaps he can comment.
Yes, Johnny is one of the best dealers in the country. Well worth a visit.
Thafler, I don't understand what you are trying to say. What is professional calibration? I know what it is for video as I have it done to all my sets for all inputs, but audio? I must be missing something here. If you are talking about programs that are basically eq devices, why do you need a professional to use one? Just trying to learn....thanks.
Ctsooner, thanks for asking. I have been in this hobby for over thirty years and have had many systems but it wasn't until recently that I had pro calibration done that really opened my ears. Perhaps if I had discovered this earlier I wouldn't have been on the bandwagon of reading reviews of the latest and greatest and thinking that is what will improve my system. I too have had my video systems calibrated actually before my audio and it was the same gentleman who convinced me to try it on the audio.

So what is essentially done is they measure your room with multiple mikes and determine best position for your speakers and subs if you have them.
Lasers are used for precise alignment and room treatments are determined by where the problems are. I was skeptical but until I heard the results after
a few small changes I wouldn't have believed it.
Thafler and Ctsooner ... I suggest that you read the thread about whether DEQX is a Game Changer. I bought the DEQX PreMATE and I think it "tamed" my system in many important ways. Room and speaker correction were parts of the solution. Perfect ... NO. Better ... YES.
Thanks for the reply Thaler. I've heard systems that are set up like this and for the most part I'm still on the fence. I've heard them loose a bit of life at times. Similar to what I've heard with some (named and expensive) power cables/boxes. If you have a difficult room, I fully get it, but my rooms over the years have been pretty good overall. A simple hung quilt or a plant in the corner has done the trick. As for setting up the speakers with lasers etc...I'm a proponent. Vandersteen has been doing this for years and it works. I have a program within Amarra that I can use to eq things, but I've still be reluctant. I heard the Lyndorf that Macintosh rebrands clean up a nasty 50z node in a dealers show room here in CT and it worked wonders. , so I'm not saying it doesn't work. I just think that if you have a dealer who knows his products that he can set them up properly in most any room. I doubt if the 'calibration' can fix poor components, but I FULLY understand what you are saying.
Interesting marketing for me as to me, it's just another reason we pay a dealer mark up and that's to set up their speakers properly in our spaces. I guess is kind of agree, lol.
I am surprised that no one has mentioned GTT Audio. This is an established business in NJ. Further, there are some wonderful videos on you tube that gives an idea of the offerings. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thanks for all the replies but I am not looking to go hear systems at dealers. I am looking to have fun and meet a few new audio people like myself. I am really not looking for audio clubs either.

Anyone interested let me know. Send me a message through agon.
Not sure what you are looking for. Don't want clubs and don't want a dealer. Just guys to go listen to their systems?
Good idea, Peter. Will be glad to meet you in Basking Ridge - I sent you email.
LOL....made me laugh there sapien..... LOL....
Ctsooner, BTW you also invited.
Thanks. lol....Is this David?
Oh, ok...Funny, I just got invited to listen to two systems in NJ then, lol....
Sapien, is that Boris Badenov?
OP, if you're still there, I'll be darned if I can figure out how to send a PM through Agon! I know how you feel about listening to other's systems. We used to do it all the time back when 'everyone' had stereos and bongs. I am in North/Central NJ if you can PM me. Must remain anonymous after the bong reference. 
Legal in many states now.  I have MS and helped get CT to legalize it, but won't use it. I have cognitive issues and I can't make them worse, lol, plus I can't use it when I travel outside the state, so there's that too.....  :)

You could be ctstoner. ;^)
2channel, don't understand your post, sorry. :)

Which one? The one about messaging or my weak attempt at a funny pun?
@2channel, I thought it was funny.

@bigkidz , I wish you would spend some time with John Rutan at Audioconnection. He isn't like a dealer, but a kindred spirit.
@bigkidz , I wish you would spend some time with John Rutan at Audioconnection. He isn't like a dealer, but a kindred spirit. "

He really is! He's even got free used LPs and CDs in the store. He hosted a local meeting of audio nuts, he stopped me from buying an inferior CD player, etc. and I've only been to the place about 6 times. And only bought that CD player.
2, I didn't understand your post. Sorry, I tried to figure it out. That's the MS part of things for me.  I knew it was probably funny, but I can't get it.  :)

Oh, Johnny is as good as they get nationally.  I've been to so many stores over the years and he's special.
@ctsooner , I took your handle and changed sooner to stoner with a T, which is slang for someone who smokes a lot of marijuana, or so I'm told. :)
Oh, thanks.  Yes, I knew it would be funny. Hate asking folks to explain themselves, but my MS is cognitive also and I don't always understand like I used to. Thanks goodness it hasn't affected the ears, lol...
I understand. A dear friend of mine has MS. Hang in there.
Oh, I do.  Pain is mental. lol  HA  that's why it's important for me to have a great audio system.  lol
So nobody in the NYC area?