Looking for my Final Pair!!

Been through the high end maelstrom for over 30 years and although I have enjoyed the ride, I desperately want to find speakers that exude dynamics, tone and presence.  I want to be transported to the Village Vanguard where The John Coltrane Quartet are performing any night I desire.  I want to feel the timbre of his sax 🎷. When I close my eyes I want to be enveloped by the atmosphere of the space and awash with the impact and emotion being expressed by the musicians.  I don’t want to hear what the engineers hear after they mix a recording...I want to be in the studio when the tracks are being laid down!  So far, Tannoy Heritage Arden have come to my attention, Klipsch Cornwall IV’s, JBL S4700’s or perhaps Spatial Audio X3’s?  Help
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Dea @dave_b  :Ok, even that's not tghe best the way to do it I can't argue about because that's what you like it. Good.

Aperion super tweeters and cables are burning in...impressively made with superb controls for crossover points and level/db for speaker matching.  WBT binding posts as well👌🏻  On first listen, I am hearing just that slightest bit of extra sparkle on top that some of my previous speakers delivered, but with the organic fullness and tone that the Cornwall’s imbue.  Potentially an important tweak to enhance certain recordings in a given environment.  My Den is slightly subdued in supporting a completely open top end, so the super tweeters can compensate for what may be perceived as missing air in the upper registers.  I’ll give them a solid week or two before final judgment is rendered.
How about some pics of your setup?

Enjoying reading about your experiences Dave.  I have the Cornwall IV and Volti RAZZ as part of my speaker arsenal. Thinking the Razz will probably be better (better construction/parts) but we'll see once I get around to trying both out. Also have a BNIB Decware Tori IV with the $600 upgrade option so we'll have to exchange notes in the future.  Just up the road from you a bit near Peddlers Village.

Amazes me that at least 3 people are screaming "Tannoy" in this thread and your playing Classic Rock.  Tannoy has to be one of the WORST brands I have heard playing Rock.  Wonderful with lightweight fluff, Female vocals etc but will make you sleep thru "Dark Side of the Moon". Dont waste your time.