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Competitive class D amp suggestions
COVID is what happened  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
Must be living under a rock not to know that Tommy died.  
Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure
Good to know the Raven works well. Ive got a Reflection MK2 laying around. Im sure its not as good as the Mono's but as long as its in the ballpark.  
cost no object integrated amps
#rick2000 The Levante is now like 23K...THATS inflation.  
Took almost 1 year for me to receive a letter from the IRS telling me that I owed taxes of hundreds of dollars for a pair of speakers I purchased from Canada the prior year (2021)  
Fleetwood Sound Company
+1 Roxy  Where do these people come from?  
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
Why is "Every breath you take" by the Police stuck in my head??  
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
How do you come to that conclusion after presumably reading this entire thread including the previously DELETED posts??  
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
Just wanted to give everybody an update on my situation. Sadly it seems #Jerryg123 (Earl/Skypunk etc) has vanished again  Maybe using the name SYBIL?   To Re-hash.  I received a Defective AH X200. Went back to my dealer on Nov 17th which is 6.5 ... 
Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k
Love Fritz but disagree that he does finishes upon request.  Over 2 years ago I asked him for anything that wasnt "plain" looking (solid color). He had nothing and hasnt had anything that was Flamed, Burl, or any other design until about a month a... 
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Fleetwood Deville's (OMA) especially the Upscale Torrified version.  
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
Constantine had nothing to do with my purchase so I have no reason to contact him as he's not involved.  Jerry has implied I am a Liar and that he has a relationship with Constantine and I guess the distributor. So all I am saying is that I welcom... 
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
@jcoehler   My bad....I saw him list it and claimed he was selling due to paying off taxes or something.  I just ASSUMED he sold it already. My humble apologies. Guess I'll be trading mine in instead....or making it a VERY expensive doorstop/paper... 
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
Thanks @jcoehler for the kind words.  I can confirm Jerry isnt Earl/Skypunk. Earl got rid of his X200 over a year ago...while it was still functioning. Lucky him!! I would LOVE for Constantine at Atlelier to contact me and he can talk to my frien... 
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
I Have found all the correspondence concerning my transaction. (Including Paypal receipts). The Defective Amp was returned and checked out by the dealer on NOVEMBER 17th....6 Months ago. So its been even longer than I thought. I will also post on ...