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A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
So why did you Re-Brand your name??? Too many bad reviews/complaints on the net??Nope...your Servers dont sound better than any of the above players/Dacs/Clocks. Of course you wouldnt know that cause you dont have the client base to support those ... 
Raven Audio Nighthawk VS Blackhawk
Stop playing in the kiddie pool and step up to the plate and get the Raven Reflection MK 2   :) 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
Awesome post Don. Thanks for sharing your experience with those 2. Now you need to check out the VOLTI RAZZ.  Better parts all the way around than the Cornwall's...especially the cabinet itself.  
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
Fred,Dont believe everything you read (Server vs CD player). Might be true in some cases if your using low quality players like an Oppo/Cambridge etc Definitely is NOT True if you have something like an Esoteric/MSB/DCS/Luxman player/Dac at your d... 
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
Steve Guttenberg just did a review on his AUDIOPHILIAC YOUTUBE channel on the Mola Mola Integrated.  He was very impressed to say the least.  
Seller ants my credit card info
Paypal is NOWHERE near as good (for me anyway) compared to my Credit Card Company (Amazon Card). If I have a problem my CC Company automatically Credits my account....Paypal does not but "Investigates" and sometimes DOESNT protect you in the final... 
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
Gotta laugh at Audio Troy. If he was a MSB, Esoteric, Luxman, Gryphon dealer he would be telling you how wonderful all their Disc Spinners/Dac's are!!  Unfortunately he only carries MID-FI brands and is "selling his book" as usual.  Not everybody ... 
Help me choose a speaker match for my Line Magnetic 805ia tube amp under $10K
Here is a link for you that compares 5 of the current Line Magnetic Amps. Its incredibly useful.https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/amplifier-reviews/integrated-amplifier-reviews/line-magnetic-part1/ 
Unreal prices
Ive had over 100 Receivers from the 70's. Best ones werent made by the usual suspects Pioneer/Marantz.My faves...and best bang for the buck:Sanyo JCX2900K, ONKYO TX 8500, Kenwood KR 9600, Sherwood S-9910Sansui Eight Deluxe and the 9000 Series aren... 
Open Baffle Opinions - I Won't go back to Boxed Speakers Evr Again (maybe....)
OP,Tinnitus (on average) starts at around 55 years of age...I got it at 54. Dont count your chickens just yet. Enjoy your unaltered hearing every day!! 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Im pretty sure none of the streaming services are using the initial early to mid 1980's digital mixes. If your getting 3 choices Im sure they are ALL Post 90's/2000's overly compressed options.   Doesnt make sense to me that somebody only does HAL... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Funny how 2 guys "familiar" with OZZY dont know how to spell his name :) You have to have access to the very best recordings for any particular title before throwing them all under the bus. Thats why I will never stream....you dont have 5+ differ... 
Classical Rock
Lighthouse...11 Piece band out of Canada late 60's-Mid 70's. They were an orchestra...Strings/Horns/Woodwinds etc (Somewhere between CHICAGO and BS+T in Sound) 
USPS Sucks
I worked for USPS...they do suck...and that was over a decade ago. I now use FEDEX for almost everything including Foreign packages. Problem with USPS started just after I left. They shut down over 100 of their mail sorting hubs across the USA whi... 
What's a fair price for an Audio Research Reference 75?
SE version just popped up here on Audiogon for 5200 in North Carolina