looking for a speaker posts tighting "wrench"?

Who sells them? Are there more than one of them?
There are a plethora of binding post styles out there.
Some manufacturers have their own
design of tightening tool, or design their posts to be
finger-tightened only. Many 5-ways have a hex type
tightener/nut. ie: I have always installed Vampire 5-
on my amps and speakers, which take a 7/16" wrench. An
ordinary open-end wrench will provide more than enough
purchase, to obtain a gas tight connection, with any decent
hex 5-way. It's easy to over-torque a speaker post and spin
it(in it's mount), so- proceed with caution.
I like the AudioQuest Postman. While there may be some non-standard posts that it will not handle, this has proved to be ideal for almost all the standard ones. Also, its design allows it to fit closely-spaced posts where open-end wrenches cannot.
I second the Audioquest. I've had mine for years and it
wells very well.
My speakers have Cardas binding posts, which are recessed into a cutout in the (very thick) rear panel, and which have hex tighteners. An ordinary automotive ratchet/socket/extender combo did the trick for me. I was of course very careful not to overtighten, as Rodman sagely advised.

-- Al
I like the AQ Postman due to the fact that it is insulated, therefore, reducing the possibility of shorting the two terminals.
It would be nice if speaker binding posts could withstand a minimum torque of 12N-m. Provided they are metal nuts- not plastic. That would help us users avoid damaging them by overtightening. I remember years ago spinning the binding post on a speaker by overtightening. That made me nervous so I removed the entire binding post assembly from the speaker housing and I found that the binding post had a locking nut on the back side. That was good and I was able to retighten that back side locking nut. The bad part of that design was that the two binding posts went through the backing plate close together and if spun too far, they would let the soldered wires on the back side short each other. Not a good situation to be in when you power up your SS amplifier. I replaced those terrible binding posts and got improved sound quality to boot.
Oh c'mon, Brf. None of US would ever work on the binding posts w the amp powered up, would we ;-)

I like the AQ postmaster. Not only insulated, but there since there is no "arm" it would be harder to overtighten (at least w my wimpy grip).