Levinson 383 vs. Rowland Concentra

I recently purchased my first set of "high-end" audio equipment. A pair Merlin Systems VSM floorstanders. I had become obsessed with the Dynaudio Contour series because of the ubiquitous acclaim they seem to have spawned. I got a great deal for the Merlins and it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I scooped them up. They are sitting patiently in my basement as I decide on which integrated solid-state amp to purchase.

I intend to listen to a wide variety of recordings, usually at civilised volume levels and I am hoping that one of you fellow audiogoners, based on your experience with either the Mark Levinson 383 or the Jeff Rowland Concentra I or II, can recommend a match for the speakers mentioned above.

I also hope to scoop up a digital source sometime next year, probably a Linn.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

BTW. Listening Room is not Large, but not tiny either.
I'd spring for the new concerto integrated at $6500.
I've had both the 383 and the Concentra. Both have their strengths; Rowland is warmer sounding but Levinson might be a bit more accurate. Really depends a lot on your own musical tastes. I would think the Levinson would mate up a little better with the Merlins which are a bit laid back and a little lean.
I have a friend who owned both. The 383 didn't stay long.
The Concentra II is also way above the I.
FWIW, I preferred the YBA Passion Integre over both. Beat the 383 with ease. The Concentra II is a killer integrated. I liked the sweetness of the Passion. BTW, Absolute Sound reviewed the Passion Integre, this month. It's a dead on review from my experience, so I'll hold the ubiquitous adjectives. You can read for yourself. Significantly less $$ that the Concentra, as well. Hey, you got a high class problem, here, choosing one of these integrateds. peace, warren
I've owned both the No.383 and the Concentra II, it's a no brainer to me, the Concentra II; I could happily own one again. Someone mentioned the new Concerto integrated by Rowland that is due out soon, I too believe this will be a nice piece; they quoted a price of $6500, I suspect that is with phono, I believe without phono its list is $5900.
There are any number of situations where the sound of the Concentra would be preferred over the Concentra II. The primary difference is in their treble presentation with the Concentra II being far more explicit in this area. It's not that one is "better" than the other, but more of a system matching question.
You may want to also check out the MF 300 Trivista Integrated. Its a killer.
I don't know Onhwy61, I suspect JRG might argue that one.
I appreciate the quantity of the feedback I've gotten so far, and the quality even more. Especially from you guys that have owned both.

05-22-04: Tlday
***********You may want to also check out the MF 300 Trivista Integrated. Its a killer.**********

I haven't heard the MuFi Trivista, but I know that their Limited Edition products are wicked - but they make very few of them and dealers often hike up their prices due to this.

Judging from your responses, I would assume the Rowland is closer to what I'm looking for. I guess I'll wait for the Concerto.

I still hope many others will drop their two pennies worth on this matter - I believe there are hundreds of other rookies like myself who will have to decide between these great integrateds...

Thanks Again.
Gryphon Callisto 2100 Integrated Amp, or 2200 used, if you want THE ULTIMATE integrated amp.
How's that possible Kkursula?,-- if I have the "ultimate" integrated amp.
Nothing wrong with YBA! I like your speakers though.
If you can wait a few more months there will be plenty of Concentra II's for sale with owners buying the new Rowland integrated. The used prices will be better if there is a glut of them. I came very close to purchasing the Concentra II about a very ago. It is a great product and you should be very happy with one.
My friends ConcentraII sold for $3150.00 on e:Bay last week. It was mint. I'd strongly consider buying one of these, until the Concerto pops up on the used market...

P.S. he sold it because he bought a new Theta Gen VIII -
preamp built in.
Hey Daniel, if it is the same one, I saw that Concentra on eBay, it was from Arizona; I considered it. It was not mint, it had some marks on the faceplate, still a great price.
I sold mine 1.5 years ago for $3800. It just didn't work well with my Dyns. I think when the concerto comes out 3k is going to be it for a mint Concentra II

Synergy is everything these days...
Yup, that's the one. Last time I saw it, it looked at least 9/10. I bid $3100.00 and got sniped. I just figured at $3100.00 I could use it for a year or two & break even..
Dan, I had him e-mail me the pictures and I could see some scratches in the faceplate, he admitted to them.