Latest Peter Gabriel

Anybody listenening to this? I got it yesterday and am listening for the first time as I type this. Unmistakably Gabriel, to be sure - what a great voice. The recording is nice, but so far doesn't seem remarkable. -Kirk
When did it come out?

I haven't picked it up yet, but I did spend a little time listening to it at local music shop. I wasn't entirely impressed with it, although I did like a few of the cuts quite a bit. I agree with you though - its great to hear Peter Gabriel's voice on disk regardless of the music.
I've got it and like both the music and sound quality. Go get it!
I have to admit that i'm not the biggest Peter Gabriel fan in the world. However, i have no problem listening to his stuff either. Having said that, my girlfriend ( who is a BIG fan ) has already purchased tickets for she and i to go see him when he comes to Chicago in about a month or so. I think that the tickets were something like $130 apiece ( give or take ). I guess that the least that i could do is to pick up the new disc so that we'll be familiar with what he'll be playing. Sean
It's quite dark but delightful sonically. His live shows are always a treat - wish I could go.
Anyone who's heard this disc care to compare it to "Us". Since that's the last Peter Gabriel disc I bought, you'll know I'm not a huge fan, either. I would like to hear something new though, and I do like 1/2 of "Us" quite a bit (Steam, Digging in the Dirt, Kiss that Frog).
Sean, If you've never seen him live before, you are in for a treat. Perhaps one of the best live performers/overall concert experiences I've seen - I've been to several of his shows. While the newer stuff like 'Us' and 'So' have widened his audience, his 3rd and 4th (Security) albums are of 'desert island' stature, IMHO. Really outstanding discs. Both deserve a dimly lit room, free of distraction and a nice bottle of Cabernet.... :-)

Darker and more laid back/stripped down than US and especially SO, with no female backing vocals. Really missed them at first but this album doesn't open up to you until you've heard it several times, preferably late at night with no distractions. I was unimpressed with the sonics at first but then moved my listening chair and started hearing the most wraparound soundstage short of Roger Waters AMused to death.
Audiogoon - I agree - I didn't think the sonics were all that special when I initiated the post, but had only listened to a few songs. The first one has a pretty harsh (musically) sound. I've listened a few times now and think the sonics are very good.
I listened to it the other night. I thought the sonics were excellent, lots of depth although maybe a little bass heavy. I'm still getting a handle on the songs but I think it could become a favorite as I become more familiar with it.
I am also at the early stages of listening to this record.
I agree I think the production is superb.
I think this is a very interesting record most of the arrangements and song structures are quite unusual in a subtle way.
I am pleasantly surpirsed after Us which I thought was very much a bad attempt to recreate the So album.
It may be more moody but it sounds a whole lot fresher than Us.
Sean, did she only buy two tickets??? Chicago isn't that far from here.
A little late to post this, but...
I consider this album one of the 10 best audiophile recordings of all time. The imaging is spooky - wrap around effects in stereo! Amazing bass extension, and deep, deep sound staging. It helps of course that the music is from one of the most artistic performers in popular music. Yes, the subject matter is dark, but no one complains about Kafka, right!

You would love to see "Growing up" live. Great show.

I know, I know. By the time I found out about it, it was too late (sigh). Both the album and the tour have been poorly marketed. Did you know you can pre-order the Secret World concert on DVD from Amazon now? We can only hope it won't take 10 years for the UP tour to make it to DVD as well.