What is your latest "rediscovery"?

I know we have done several "discovery" threads, but what album, cd, etc. have you rediscovered after an extended time away. I have just dipped my toe into the analog pool and found it to be refreshing. I pulled out my old lps and bought a few new ones. My list is made up of artists that I listened to 30+ years ago. It's nice to visit old friends.
Maria Muldaur--"Waitress in a Doughnut Shop" Wow!!!!
Traffic--"Shootout at the Fantasy Factory"
Moody Blues--"This is the Moody Blues"
Fleetwood Mac--"Black Magic Woman" before Stevie Nicks
Moody Blues - "The Days Of Future Passed" and Brahms - Second Piano Concerto with Svjatoslav Richter and Chicago SO under Erich Leinsdorf.
Both on Vinyl and CD - CD wins!
Steve Still - Manassas
Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man
Rennaissance - Song for all Seasons
Recently bought the Chicago 30th (or 35th?) anniversary request concert DVD (despite its shortcomings, I enjoyed it), got me thinking and dug out my old original columbia pressings of the 1st album and the 5th album...
also does anybody remember the "Live at Carnegie Hall album"?
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New Riders of the Purple Sage -- "NRPS" -- a little too much on the bass in the mix, but with Jerry Garcia on the pedal steel, it was a refreshing re-discovery to pull this from the LP rack and listen to it again.
Niel Young's "Comes A Time" (German pressing)and Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1 has recently gotten a lot of play.
Led Zeppelin II, on a pair of Ohm C2s with the upgraded woofers, powered by a Carver TFM35x. Played at "noon".
Breakin Away - Al Jarreau
Angie - Angela Bofill

Actually all my vinyl...just bought an Aesthetix IO :>)
Joan Armatrading- Show Some Emotion

Fleetwood Mac- Mystery To Me

Anything by John Lee Hooker!