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Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
Sometimes I hear a difference when swapping components, and sometimes I do not. Sometimes the difference is obvious, sometimes it is subtle. The most difficult part is deciding if the difference is better, worse or just different, and if deemed be... 
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
I hear a little voice in the back of my head saying, "Put them back the way they were!". 
Conagie. Have you heard them? Have you spoken to a dealer to understand Thea actual street price? 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
I replaced my PS Audio DSD with the Bricasti M3 and it was indeed an improvement., especially when streaming. The DSD network Network Bridge is a weak spot. 
VAC Preamp
My first separate preamp was a used VAC standard. I liked it enough to stay with VAC gear for thirty years now. As far as quality goes, everything they make is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. It is all heirloom level stuff. Furthermore,... 
Speaker cables for Focal 1038 Be?
I would avoid avoid silver because the Be tweeter is hot enough as it is, but you never know for sure until you try it in your own system. The best advice I can give is to get some loaners from your dealer and hear for yourself. 
Wow, $10k+ cables
I was of the same opinion until I auditioned Ansuz C2 and D2 PCs and Interconnects. Not quite $10K (list), but not far from. I now have a full loom of C2's. All I can tell you is I do not think I could have invested the money in any other part... 
recommendation for rca interconnect for deeper bass for dac to preamp
Ansuz C2 and D2 both worked wonders for me. 
Favorite cable brand.
After years of using Synergistic Research midlevel interconnects and power cords I auditioned the C2 and D2 level cables from Ansuz. Holy crap, what a difference. The power cords alone improved everything so much I was shocked. The interconnect ju... 
Right now on Audiogon you can get Ansuz Diamond PCs for $2.9K. They listed for $15K.  
It took me 40+ years to come around on the importance of cables, especially power cables. I have probably read everything there is to read on the subject, by both advocates and naysayers, but in the end none of it matters. The only thing that matt... 
SoundSmith cartridges how good?
My only experience with SoundSmith was a disappointment. I sent in a Denon DL-103 for an upgraded stylus. When I mounted it the stylus fell out. I did not touch it, or cause anything to make that happen. I wrote to SS explaining what happened, and... 
My M3 with ethernet is a big step up from my PS Audio top of line DAC with an Ethernet card. This is also true when using a cd transport via coax or USB, even with relatively modest cables. Yes, the M3 is more expensive but the difference, for me,... 
Best Drum Solos
Barrymore Barlow’s solo on Jethro Tull’s Bursting Out album. The song is called Conundrum. The live dual drummer solo on Genesis Seconds out album by Chester Thompson and Phil Collins leading into the finale Los Endos. 
DAC Choices - $5,000 to $7,000
You might consider the DAC's from Simaudio. Great reviews, and my personal experience with their products has been very positive.