Dahlquist DQ-10 : Latest driver substitutes??

I just bought a pair of DQ-10s that need a bit of help. (specifically, a tweeter) I have looked up various threads on the internet about who has substitute drivers, but some of the answers are dated and there is much debate! And, there are plenty of negative comments about a couple of the "well known" vendors. These must be early production because the speakers are not handed, but one serial number apart. Came with small legs, too that make them look like a Quad.

So, should I just look for one original tweeter on auction sites or is there any one I can trust?

I have never owned a pair but I do like the sound of my one fully functional speaker, after I fixed the loose masonite on the woofer. The previous owner had them refoamed years ago and the foam was installed "bump up" instead of down. The woofers are stamped DAHLQUIST on the back.

Any comments from owners welcome. Thanks!

p.s. Are tweaks worth it? One guy claimed that he can turn them into "Class A" speakers.
I replaced the tweeter and supertweeter with a B&G Neo 3 PDR planer tweeter. Works very well after disabling the supertweeter crossover. However if you are interested. I have one stock tweeter out in the garage. but the planar replacement sounds better.
I suggest looking on ebay for a replacement tweeter. DQ10's are being parted out all the time. The woofer is an Advent woofer so those are available also.
The DQ - 10 is another great example of how audio really hasn't progressed very much in 25 or 30 years.

If you can get these up to perfect working order, and well placed with some good amps, you should be very happy.

I would google around as there is definitely a cult following for these speakers.

I would also check on ebay for the bigger, original stands. There were a vast improvement in both looks and sound.

The DQ1W woofer and matching crossover are also worth finding.

Personally, I wouldnt tweak them too much from stock, unless I was really impressed with and trusted the tweaker.
Cadet1, I'm interested in the single tweeter to get the pair up & running. Contact me, please.
Cwlondon: Thanks for the advice. I googled them and there are tons of differing opinions! I have some stands about a foot tall. Would that be a good starting place?
As far as amps: Tubes or solid state? Watts needed? I have a McIntosh MC275, Ampzilla, Phase Linear 700B and a few others. Thanks.
Thanks, Muzcal. Ebay would be my second choice, since I find AudioGon folks to be much more honest. (None of this "as is due to age" stuff.) The woofers are the originals and were refoamed about 6 years ago.
check out www.speakersupply.com (Layne Audio)
Wow, speakersupply.com offers a ton of stuff. I'll keep them in mind if I can't find an original tweeter or decide to upgrade drivers. Thanks.
I've located a single tweeter to get the pair up & running. Based on results, I now have a few sources to contact if I wish to upgrade from there. Thanks to all for the responses.
Believe it or not I put in a Heil tweeter/midrange driver taken from one of the Ess box speakers with GREAT success. I did this because some others had incorporated the Sequerra ribbon. I also, replaced the 10 inch advent with 12 inch Infinity polypropelene woofers meant for car systems.....they fit exactly in the hole.....the back of the large magnet was 3/4 inch from the back of the DQ10 enclosure......unreal improvement. I enjoy these "backup speakers" more than my Infinity speakrs....better midrange.