Know about PranaFidelity?

Ran across a new speaker brand (to me) and would like to hear info, comments, impressions or even better, ownership experiences. PranaFidelity made in Denver.
They are beautiful sounding speakers. They have a humanness to them. No aspect of their sound really sticks out to me. They do cause you to focus on the music in the best of ways and not the sound itself. You can call and talk to the designer Steve he's happy to talk and a great man. I would give them a listen. I compared them to the harbeth sl5 super Plus speakers. And I strongly  preferred the prana fidelity 50s.  And I still think harbeth is a great speaker.
My local dealer carries the brand, I hope to be able to get there and demo soon. Heard lots of good things about them.
+1 markmike I heard the Fifty90’s at an audio show. Rich, full-bodied, organic sound - slightly on the warm side. Not analytical. There are toggle switches on the back for contouring the sound. You can set & forget them - or tweak them to your electronics & listening preferences. When I was there, Steve adjusted the sound when changing from acoustic blues to full symphony to Rock & Roll. It was a very nice feature. He also had his own electronics driving the speakers. I went back to that room several times.
I was at the Axpona Show in last year in April. It was one of the most well attended and organized show in a while. I didn’t hear every demo but of the around 200 demos, PranaFidelity was in the top five and held company in the most important ways with those mega dollar systems. I ended up buying the Vayus loudspeakers and couldn’t be happier. I agree with marqmike, they sound so realistic, musical, natural, etc. They completely disappear in my room. There is no downside with these speakers. The midrange is exemplary, the high frequencies are perfectly integrated, and the bass is the best I’ve heard for the size of the drivers used. At Axpona with PranaFidelity amplifier, I thought there were a pair of subwoofers in the room. The toggle switches in the back allow for a speaker that can be tailored to one’s room and/or system. I have a friend who compared his set to a $50K well known reference speaker and the Vayus were the clear winner and rumor has it the Vayus will receive an award from a well know online magazine. I find it interesting that you never see previously owned PranaFidelity equipment for sale. Steve Norbert is a true gentleman and knows how to design and build the most cost effective yet reference sounding audio components.
Steve is a great guy.
We did a show (the last T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas) with his speakers a few years back- the room sounded very nice. Steve has been in the industry a long time. I first met him nearly 20 years ago.
Anyone have the opportunity to hear the Prana and the Ryan?
I own a pair of Bhavas that I bought from Steven in January and I feel like every time I turn them on, they sound better than the day before. And I have not been listening to them under the best of conditions. They are currently resting on top of my previous speakers because the stands I thought I would use ended up not working well so I placed them on my Infinite Slope 1.8 floor standing boxes and that's where they have been ever since. And they still blow away anything else I have ever heard. I am playing them through a McIntosh MA7200 and a Linn LP12 Lingo Ittok Dynvector 20x HO. I did order the Sound Anchor stands that Steven recommends and when they come in sometime in July, I will write again.  
I, too am interested in these. I can find nothing online as far as pricing. Anyone help?
Like everyone's said, Pranas are wonderful speakers. The Fifty90s just hook you in to listen and throw critical thinking out the window. It's nice to forget why you got into this hobby and just listen, and the Pranas do just that.

I can't say that about many speakers.

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