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Why not?
@thyname Do you remember @almarg? (RIP) He was a widely respected audiophile in our Audigon community. With a doctorate in EE, he had been awarded several utility patents over his career. He believed that technology progresses - from anecdotal ... 
San Diego tube amp repair
If Peter @ PBN Audio has time, he might take a look at it.  He did a major rescue on my UK-made tube monoblocks.  
A rookie with 10K, seeking advise
Be very, very careful! For this crowd, $10K is just the ante to get into the game. _ _ _ _ _ _ - Choose one: Vinyl or digital. $10K isn’t enough for both. - With great digital streaming, you’ll have access to millions of tunes. It’s amazing! -... 
Does a DAC need a large/strong power supply?
holmz It would be great if we knew how to do that.   Should read: "It would be great if I knew how to do that." Many of we already figured it out. By listening. +1 @charles1dad   
musician aquarius r2r dac any good?
ortodox apl dsd ar dac - some say blows away everithing in his price range.   As noted in this thread.  
To all of the Wilson Audio owners:
JBL K2 S9900  
USBe Perfect
Sorry for the confusion. I only have one USBe Perfect - between the streamer and the USB cable. By daisy-chaining, I meant placing in-line.  
USBe Perfect
@ozzy I’m following your lead. Daisy-chaining the USBe Perfect = more refinement. My digital chain is: Fidelizer AirStream 🡢 Auralic Aries streamer 🡢 USBe Perfect 🡢 Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 5 🡢 Concert Fidelity DAC. Along with several LPS’s, po... 
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
@kacomess For certain articles, several newspapers offer a work-around the paywall - including the NYT & WaPo. Do not copy & paste the URL from your browser. Instead, scroll down to the bottom of the article. You’ll see a button that s... 
LPS Umbilical Cords
@noromance Correct. I meant 20 awg pure OCC solid core copper wire. Really nice for mods.  
Musetec (LKS) MH-DA005 DAC
Muon thread here.  
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
+2 @nonoise Department of Redundancy Department.  
Musetec (LKS) MH-DA005 DAC
Perhaps one can ’clean’ things up too much, could be at some level just a bit of noise can be pleasing vs. the coloration these filters induce.   + 1 Definitely so in my experience. Too much conditioning can be as ’tilted’ as too little. I use... 
USBe Perfect
@ozzy Considering that your audio rig is very hi-rez already, a 25% jump is pretty significant. I’m surprised and impressed. Apparently, the digital realm is wide open to advanced tweaking. Considering what Virtual Reality headsets are capable ... 
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
@riley804 Just goes to show how everybody’s system is different. I wasn’t able to hear the improved sound quality until after I installed power conditioning. YMMV. _ _ _ _ _ In the above post, I forgot to include a lower noise floor = blacker ...