Joseph Audio Pulsars

Looking for a high end, detailed, bookshelf speaker. I came across the Joseph Audio Pulsars. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions? Pairing these up with a Prima Luna Prologue Two.
While I haven't heard the Pulsars, I did hear Joseph Audio speakers at RMAF, and really enjoyed them. I don't know if you've heard them, but I was very impressed with what I heard. If you haven't already, give them a listen.

i auditioned the pulsars recently with the new peachtree preamp and a pair of manley shrimp(s). they're very good--extremely fast, detailed and transparent. ruthlessly revealing--lousy recordings sound lousy. bass extension was not real deep (they don't sound like a bigger speaker) but threw a big soundstage. truth be told, however, i thought they were pricy for what they were (i think they're $7k)--the psb synchrony monitors i heard at the same dealer had many of the same qualities (and were somewhat more forgiving and less fatiguiung) for 1/3 the price. purely my opinion.
I appreciate the feedback Loomis & Island. The price is not the real issue (though it always seems to be in the end!), but the synergy with my equipment might be. I was actually considering the Diablos from Focal but those are simply too much! Great speaker though, hands down the best "bookshelf" I have ever heard.
The Joseph Audio did seem a bit light on the bass extension.
What to do?
What to do?
I have been running the Pulsars for a few weeks. I could not be happier. Actually, the bass is very good in my system.
Joseph Dealer here...

Pulsars are a great option and will absolutely give you the definition that you are looking for. It's one of the more popular models that I sell. Bass extension is actually pretty good (especially for the speaker size).
Thanks Sabai, I have been speaking with a couple of stores today about a couple of other options: PMC and Dynaudio. This may take a while!
One person I like dealing with may be able to get a pair of the Joseph Audio's for me to listen to more carefully next week.
You're welcome. If you can audition the Pulsars that would be ideal. In your own system would be best, of course. System dependence will come into play but the Pulsars are so distinctive that whatever system you listen to them in will probably give you a good idea.
I finally took the time to audition these and I must tell you guys that they are absolutely PERFECT for my needs! I was totally impressed with them from the first note I heard onwards! Great speakers regardless of size.
I am getting my new pair next week but have the store's demos to play with until then.
Thanks everyone for your feedback!
Glad you got the chance to audition the Pulsars. I had a feeling you'd like them.

I'm sure you will love them.
FYI, just got the latest Stereophile yesterday in which Fremer reviewed the Pulsars. Very positive review. Makes me want to hear them even more.
The Fritz Carbon 7 is an astounding monitor, however the Pulsars are jaw dropping, I have never been a fan of monitors until i heard the Fritz, and then the Pulsars. just beautiful in sound! exemplary.
thoroughly enjoying them!
I have a pair and have a suggestion: custom-built Sound Anchor stands.
I just read the Stereophile review of the Pulsars. It is dead on accurate. Most reviews are "rave" reviews, but this one compares the Pulsars favorably to the Wilson Audio Maxx 3, sort of less the deepest bass and massive sound stage.
I read the review differently. As I understood the point, the Pulsars were very good for monitors, but if you want real sound reporduction, you need to go with full-range floorstanders.

I imagine this would also depend on the size of your room. I have the Pulsars in a medium size room with a REL sub and I don't need anything more.
Nglazer, Why can't you add a subwoofer to monitors to get full range sound?
The Stereophile review points out that the "monitor" size Pulsars do not match the Wilson's sense of scale, but they are roughly as musically satisfying as the much larger and more expensive speaker. I don't think that's an unusual conclusion regarding better quality monitors.
Not to be difficult, but I read Michael Fremer's review more consistently with my own experience. "Although I've done this job for more than 25 years, there are still surprises, and the way Joseph Audio Pulsar completely won me over was one of them." "enjoyed them without reservation". "least mechanical speakers I've heard regardless of price". "the sound was so pleasurable I didn't want the Pulsars to leave."

I share his opinion that "I could live happily ever after with the Pulsars," but would prefer a set of Wilson Maxx 3. I just do not have the money, space or WAF. She said the Maxx 3s looked like robots.

No doubt a great sub dialed in just right can bring great monitors very close to full range, assuming relatively moderate room size. The wife and I heard two different pairs of Pulsars at AXPONA in NYC and thought they were the best speakers we heard at the show (alas, don't recall the systems driving them). Like the OP, we also considered Dynaudio C1 and Focal Diablo, which are two quite different sounds (Esotar (wonderful) vs. beryllium (a tad bleached to our ears)) and both, along with the Pulars, are world class. But due to size none of these can bring sufficient weight, breathing room and bass extension to the proceedings. We ultimately went with Linn Akurate 212 (a 4-way monitor; under-recognized and underrated in the USA) and added a JL Audio F112. I suggest that Musicallyinclined consider adding a sub. It can substantially enhance your enjoyment of your already excellent Pulsars.
No doubt a great sub that is dialed in right can bring great monitors very close to full range -- assuming a modest sized room. The wife and I heard two different pairs of Pulsars at AXPONA in NYC, and we thought they were the best speakers we heard at the show (alas, don't recall the systems driving them). Like the OP, we also considered Dynaudio C1 and Focal Diablo, which are two different sounding monitors, but both (along with the Pulsars) are world class. However, size simply renders any of these incapable of bringing sufficient mid/lower punch, breathing room, and bass extension/articulation to the proceedings. We knew based on auditions that these would need a sub. We ultimately chose the the Linn Akurate 212 (a 4-way monitor with a touch extra heft) thinking a sub might not be necessary, but we ended up adding a JL Audio F112. The sub took the monitors to a whole new level. So, along with other posters, I suggest that Musicallyinclined consider adding a sub. My guess is it will substantially increase your enjoyment of your already excellent Pulsars.
I added a REL T3 and that's all the Pulsars need in my system and my room to bring the bottom 10 Hertz into full bloom.