Joseph Audio RM22XL

I'm considering purchase RM22XL Joseph Audio Speakers..
Does anyone own or heard a pair & what is the general impressions?
Particulary interested to know if they have sufficient bass weight
I've heard them a few times. I don't have enough experience with them for a full review, but I did find the HF's to be a little bright.
I'v not heard the RM22XL, but I heard the Rm25xl at the Stereophile show in 2007 on the Moscode 402P hybrid integrated amplifier.
This was one of the best sounds at the show.
The Rm25xl had a really nice articulate sound and the bass was really good.
The Moscode used a passive volume control in the hybrid integrated amplifier.
I remember asking the guy at Joseph Audio about the 7 inch drivers he used in the Rm25xl speakers.
I really liked the way these drivers sounded.
He was telling me they were modified Seas drivers.
Another speaker i liked at the show was the Dali Grand speakers.
Great speakers. They image like crazy and completely disappear as a sound source as do all JA speakers. I heard the original versions and almost bought them. Ultimately went with something else because they had a bit more heft in lower mids and bass. I'd recommend saving up for the RM25s or maybe buy the 22s and add a sub or two later if lower-octave punch is a priority. Best of luck.
Therefore your conclusion is s Sub is necessary with these speakers?
The 22's are to big for my 12x20 room
How would you describe the character
Neutral or somewhat bright?
I agree with Soix. When I auditioned the 22xl and the 25xl, I had to have that extra bass foundation of the 25, but if your room is small or you don't need the extra bass the 22xl is great. Listen to both, you may like the 22xl better.

Btw, you will sometimes hear people talk about the tweeter being bright. I happened to tap the top of the speaker one time while playing and heard a lot of distortion. I added wood as isolation from my springy floors and listener fatigue went to zero. I will be trying other isolation.
I wouldn't say a sub is necessary and could be perfectly happy listening to them alone, but sounded from your original post you might be looking for something more in the bass range so hence the recommendation for the 25s. I heard the 22s in a fairly large room, but you have a pretty small room so the 22s may well satisfy.

I would characterize the 22s as neutral, and not in a sterile, cold way but rather in a very natural way. Brightness is always in the ear of the beholder, but I didn't find the 22s bright at all -- just nicely detailed. But again it's their ability to disappear into the music (and room) and throw off a transparent holographic stage with superb imaging that I find most impressive among their many impressive traits. Hope this helps.
I too choose 25's as my first choice:
Check out how big these would be for 12x20 room
The more I think about it, if I were you I'd get the 22s and at some point audition a good sub (or two) just to see how much it adds. (Fwiw I've been looking at something like the SVS SB12-NSD with the pulsars). You could end up with the best of both worlds -- better bass than most floorstanders can muster and probably easier to integrate into your room than bigger floorstanders as well. Actually, from that perspective you could even consider the RM7XLs with subs. It never ends.
Never ends but have to make a decision
I like the idea of adding a Rel sub for the 22's if necessary.
The distributer has b stock @$1995 so it's worth taking a chance.
I would prefer someone had them to audition,but that seems asking too much.
Go figure
I have a REL T3 with my Pulsars -- ample bass and seamless.