Jadis Defy 7 Mk 2 Can el-34s be used?

the amps came with 6550s ...I have some literature for the amps and it at one point el34s were used....was the Mk2 which cam stock with 6550s, run El34s?

the el34 is my tube of choice in regards to sonics, I just want to be sure if the 6550 and el34s are interchangable

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Yes, no problem
Did you have a chance to speak with the Kat's over at the "TubeMonger" for the mix? Remember, the Valvos, and the Tesla's sound best for the Defy MKII. Lot's of air, and texture. Cheers
How can I tell a Jadis Defy 7 mk 1 from II from III etc How can u tell what version?