Jadis Symphonia - Your views Please

I am currently using a Musical Fidelity A3 CD player and would like to upgrade to a better CD player. I have an opportunity to purchase a store demo version of a Jadis Symphonia CD player and am wondering whether I could get some advice from actual owners of the product, ex owners or those of you who may have had a chance to compare/demoed it to other CD players.

Thanks & regards
I heard it in an all Jadis system (Dynaudio speakers) and the sound was magnificent. Then we removed the Symphonia and put in the Naim CDX2 - the rest of the system stayed the same. The sound didn't change hardly at all. The Naim sounded maybe a smidgen faster but the soundstaging and imaging were essentially the same. I was very impressed with both players and consider them equals. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your kind response.
I am using a MF A3 CD and I had the chance to compare MF A3, Jadis Symphonia and Audiomeca Kheops in a test four years ago.
Well, jadis was truly better than A3, it was more forward, more open and spacious. So if the price is great for Symphonia (as a demo product) it is truly the better choice.

(I liked the Kheops the best from all three, but it is not available anymore).