2x ECC82 on Jadis JA 30 amplifier

I just got 2 Jadis JA 30 amplifiers and I love the sound. But they both have 2x ECC82 next to the 2x EL34 end tubes. According to the specs it should be 1x ECC82 and 1x ECC83. Will the change of ECC83 into ECC82 harm the amplifier or just the sound of it?
For pre I use the Jadis DPL2.
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The ECC83 should be next to the EL34, with the ECC82 in the back.... otherwise you will probably damage the tube and/or amp.
As I understand it the ECC83 has a higher gain than the ECC82. So it really shouldn't be a problem. It may sound a little more forward with the ECC83's though.

Best to contact Jadis - if anyone would know it should be them ;)
Thanks for the response. I ordered some ECC83.
I like the sound as it is now, hopefully it will be the same or better with the ECC83 in place.
I also contacted Jadis and yes I should put the ECC83 in. If it will harm the amp or tubes they did not tell me.
I will let you know.
My Octave V70se has ECC81 (12at7) as standard driver tubes. The manual states I can use either ECC81's or ECC82's. The ECC82 (12au7) has less gain than the ECC81's. So for grins I popped in a pair of ECC82's and I have more volume to play with. The overall top loudness stays the same but I can go higher on the volume knob with the ECC82's (not louder though) without adding noise and in fact sounds a bit better. When funds permit I'll try some different ECC81's.