Is there better amp for bass then Cary Rocket 88


Just wondering if somebody had better experience with bass then Cary Rocket 88 can deliver on speakers with 90db sensitivity (I use Audes 037.1)

Within the same price range what would be the better one in your opinion? To me bass won't be punchy but rather soft and engulfing. Mostly I listen too is classics (piano, violin, sax, strings, chamber).

The Rocket 88 is a good little amp, but for speakers of average to slightly above average sensitivity, you might find an amp like a Plinius 8200 with stronger bass presence.

If, on the other hand, you want to stick with tubes, then I could suggest Cary V12 or SLM-100's, or another brand such as Audio Research VT100.

My experience, too, is that not only is the speaker-amp mating important for a good, realistic bass response but so is the preamp-amp mating. The preamp can contribute a surprising amount of the perceived bass, and I feel this is often ignored.

You might think about getting a subwoofer so you can control the low frequency volume independently of your left/right speakers. Works for me.
Have you considered a Class "D" amp?
+1 to add a sub (or two). I did perceive somewhat more bass when I swapped tubes in my amp (not Cary), but would agree that, in general, if you want more bass, and if you already have a decent modern amp, change speakers or add a sub. Your bass and mids are likely to improve.
+3 for the sub(s). I have the Cary 808 Rocket 88 R version and do use a sub as well. I'm not sure if it's the amp or my speakers but am very satisfied with the results with the sub. A very nice feature is being able to control the sub volume.
IMO, the Rocket 88 goes very well with classical music; warm and sweet sounding, not great in detail but overall a very good coherent sounding amp top to bottom. What are your sources and preamps? Perhaps you might try different sources or preamps if it's not the speaker. If you're just looking for other tube amps, VTL, ARC, Pathos, Cary V12 as mentioned are some which would likely be a good candidate.
With the 6ohm load, even at 90db, it might be a speaker/amp issue. Your speakers are rated at 30hz. I'm afraid you have three options, add a sub, change speakers, or change amp.
Michael I strongly agree with you. My SS phono stage into my tube pre to tube amps pumps out incredibly rich bass. I would entertain the use of an SS pre myself but I absolutely love the imaging that my modded little AE-3 AES preamp makes. It is magic. But let me emphasize that an SS pre might sole this problem. But keep the tube power amp!
Thanks to everyone, I think I got some great advices here.
So far I was using pretty old solid state amp that I brought from abroad long time ago (called amphiton), don't know much about it except that it is about 25 years old. But now I want to move to tubes, was looking at something within my price range like Cary Rocket 88. But the reviews that I came across on Cary 88 highly acclaimed mids and highs but I didn't see much praise on bass. Thus I wanted to see if there is a better amp out there on the bass side. Yes, I want to go into tubes, try some tubes rolling and what not. Don't have a pre-amp yet - need one with XLR input (my piano has XLR out so I want to keep this option available). Was looking at Cary SP-03 to stick to Cary's line but I have not decided yet.
I liked the idea of using a sub, I will definitly give it a thought. Thanks again