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VTL preamps and amps, co status?
@emergingsoul , yes, VTL gear is excellent sounding. Have owned quite a few pieces of it.  with regards to service, VTL will service it, but may take a while, much longer than many 'philes are able to handle.  Their newest gear, has improvements... 
CJ PV12 or VTL TL2.5
Have owned both the PV12 and the TL2.5 , would say there is not a huge difference between them. Both were very reliable, had no issues with either, And yes the TL6.5 is tons better than both, even the series 1 6.5 (have one of those too).   
Conrad Johnson PV12 vs. Audible Illusions Modulus 3a
Have owned both preamps but not at same time. Would agree completely with @hedwigstheme , the 3A is far from bleached sound. The PV12, and PV11 were nice as well. But my fav of the PV series was always the PV-5. A bit warm sounding but could hold ... 
Mc 240 vs. Prima Luna
@oldhvymec makes some really good points.  The MAC tube amps bridged to mono never sound as good as they do in stereo. Have tried it myself several times with a 240, 225 and 275. The Klipsch are pretty easy to drive. As far as the PL amps go, woul... 
The "great" sound of reel to reel explained
"Total BS. Analog tape under the best circumstance is equivalent to 13 bit digital." Ha!! thanks for the humor, I thought it was closer to 12 bit....  
The "great" sound of reel to reel explained
once you start a regular diet of analogue tape, really tough to go back to any other source, especially if that diet consists of 15 and 30 ips tape...  
Tube Line Stage around $5k
at 5K would be looking for a used VTL TL6.5 series I or maybe a series II for a touch more....pretty tough to beat at that price pt.   
Tube Amp, Preamp upgrades -- what did you do that improved your units?
besides the caps, you may want to also consider MILLS wire wound or Dale wire wound resistors for the plate and cathode values. Much more detail and better resolution due to the lower noise floor offered by the wire wounds over the metal film or w... 
Reel to reel , is it real the hype!
@newtoncr, check out He sells new tape one pass tape from studios. He normally has quite a selection. And need to remember the 60-80 bucks for a new blank tape is about the same as the 25 dollars for a new blank 40 years ago, if you ... 
Reel to reel , is it real the hype!
two decks is a good way to go. And as one poster mentioned, making a play copy is not a bad way to go, since if its a fav piece of music, you can play it to death and simply make another copy if need be. For those of you with MTR decks (10 or 12) ... 
Antelope Zodiac DAC non DSD or DSD
I would take a look at the antelope PURE2, a pretty good DAC and A to D. and if your budget allows, pop for a 10MX.  
Audiophile-grade ground rod?
as noted, dirt is not a great conductor, so will likely take several grounding rods to lower the resistance measurement significantly.  
Manley Chinook or Any comparable Preamp?
can't post any pics here, but they are on the low voltage side back where the op amps are located. The opamps are not in the signal path but are used for voltage regulation. if you contact me off line, can send a few photos for those interested.  
Diminishing returns?
If you are only playing CDs or SACDs, think I would pass on the upgrade CD player option. would be better off trying to obtain 24/96 or 24/192 files of the titles you really like.  
Manley Chinook or Any comparable Preamp?
the other quick change you can do on the chinook is replace those crappy 0.47 uf wima caps with a film and foil. the imaging will really open up a ton.