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VM540ML cartridge - what phono preamp is a good match
2ndtrumpet, yes, there is quite a range in what is offered though. Doukmall sells what is basically a nearly direct clone for 430 bucks +/-there are also several sellers now offering Marantz 7 phono stage clones. I just picked one of those up. Exc... 
Gold Lion KT88's Upgrade
you should consider the Shuguang Western Electric red base KT88s. best KT88 I have heard, including many NOS varieties. Shuguang has done their homework on plate and cathode metallurgy.they are not cheap, but are open and airy, give a great sound ... 
Primaluna evo300
here is the linik 
Primaluna evo300
now all you need is a set of Shuguang WE Red base power tubes, and you will be good.  
VM540ML cartridge - what phono preamp is a good match
I have the same cart. Lots of choices for phono preamp. try the EAR 834. if price is too much, then go for the doukmall clone on ebay for 369, then add some PSVANE tubes and becomes quite musical, very detailed, but no harshness. where you are loc... 
Denafrips Ares Price Jump
Have two Denafrips DACs, both have no competition at their price points. can't go wrong with them.  
Identify a Resistor in an Audio Research PH3
I would not replace the vishays unless you want to degrade the sound. vishays are known for their super low noise and fine audio performance. only way I would replace them would be going to Vishay VSR series, but both are really good.  
External DAC For Oppo 105 At What Cost?
670 bucks for a Denafrips Ares will do it. outperform the internal dac in the 105 player.  
Vintage MC-75 restoration
I would contact Terry Dewick, he has been doing them a long time, and a bit closer to you than the east or west coast. 
Will 2 watts monoblock 45 tube amp work for 90db speakers ?
think I would be looking for speakers in the 94-98 db eff range for use with a 45 SET amp....they are really about 1.5 watts, 2 watts is pushing them pretty hard.  
Reel to Reel is Alive & Well!
all you need to do is watch the prices of both quarter track and half track decks over the last 3 years to see R to R is far from dead. There has been a small explosion in interest for the format and these decks. Hard to find a really clean 2 trac... 
Seeking tube 12AX7 recommendation for a Conrad-Johnson Premier 3
for 12ax7s, the PSVANE T-II. triple micas are my top choice now....just an extended musical sounding tube, that outperforms many NOS varieties. Try a set, you will be pleasantly surprised..... 
phono preamp for Primaluna
for 5 bills or under only one to buy, the Nobsound clone of the EAR 824, available from doukmall on ebay for about 400. install some PSVANE 12AX7s in it and will be tough to beat until you get into 5 figure gear. best  
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium
Bluesy41, yep like the others, agree. Have been down several mfgrs amps an pre amps. for your amp, populate the sockets with Shuguang nature sound inputs and outputs.....much better than stock tubes, more resolving, better imaging. etc. happy list... 
Tubes or stick with S/S
If I had a pair of the K-horns, only one place I would be looking for an of Dennis Had's Inspire Single ended KT88 amps...they work great with efficient speakers.