Is the Ortofon Kontrapunkt A compatible with MMF-7

The tonearm is a Project Nine.
I had an inexpensive Ortofon on a Technics back in the early eighties and was quite impressed with it. I'm getting an itch to try the Kontrapunkt on the 7 but am unsure of its compatibility. Thanks
Here's what I found for you:

Project tonearm:-
9" tonearm
eff mass 11gms
overhang = 18mm

weight = 10gm

It seems that the Kontra-A is a medium-low compliance cart. Since the Pro-ject 9 is a gimballed tonearm it should be able to take the Kontra-A w/o any problem. I think that the 11gms tonearm can take a 10gms cart. I calc. the resonance freq. to be 10Hz. You want to be in the 8-12Hz region with a preference towards the 10-12Hz region so that you can be clearly out of the record warp freq. region. This is using the dynamic compliance given on the Ortofon website. Compliance is freq. dependent so it'll vary over the audio band. Ortofon doesn't say @ which freq. the dynamic compliance is calculated but I suspect 100Hz.
From a theoretical perspective, it seems like a go. However, see if you can find another person who has actually heard this combination. That opinion is worth probably more. IMHO. FWIW.
Thanks Bombaywalla. I do not have the knowledge to do the calcs. yet but certainly appreciate your time. I was hoping to hear from someone who had actually tried this combo. However I also understand the idea that most people would probably not put a $600 cartridge on a $1000 TT.
Bombaywally's info is good, and things are more complicated than that, Artemus 5, as there are synergy issues with preamps, amps and speakers as well. To do the calculations yourself, there's a really easy website which puts it for you on a graph, so all you have to do is add the weight of the cartridge to the tonearm, check againt the compliance, and follow the zone colours: if you're in the green, then you're OK! The website is at Go to the very bottom of the page, you can't miss it. If you have an itch, and science says it's OK, then I say go for it! Of course, if someone out there has actually tried it, then as Bombaywalla says, that's a good thing. I'm an impulse creature.
Kontrapunkt needs much heavier arm.
>>However I also understand the idea that most people would probably not put a $600 cartridge on a $1000 TT.<<

You already know the truth, your MMF-7 is a very basic turntable that anything above a $90 mm cartridge is a waste of money. Unfortunately you have neither the arm nor the table to truly benefit from a high end cartridge.
Dkarmeli, how can you say that? The MMF7 stock comes with a Goldring Eroica, a $400 cartridge. Don't diss the table. It's a fine unit, hardly a basic TT. Not the best of the best, certainly, but pretty good.
Eh, I'm not too sure about this. I used to have the mmf7. Just sold it last month. knowing what I know now, there is no way I would invest in a $600 cartridge for the mmf7. No way.
That said. If you have $600 you are willing to invest. I would sell the mmf7 and add you $600 to your funds to buy a better TT. I sold mine, and added $450 to step up. I would never look back. Has to be one of the best things I did.
Hammergjh, I was being kind calling the mmf7 basic, crap is what I really wanted to say. I wonder what you've been listening to if you call the mmf-7 fine and pretty good. But then again, to each his own!
Ok, everyone has their own opinions. Here's a challange to the two posters above who disparaged this TT, put your money where your mouth is. Define, in your terms, why this TT is "crap". What TT's in your opinions are better, why and for how much more $$$. Also, for the same price, is there anything better than the MMF7? To keep this thread on track, define what Artemus can do w/ the 600 bucks he's got on the "table".
This is what infuriates me, has gotten me going to these high end sites less and less. A person posts a question. Many may think it's a stupid one, but a question never the less. The idea is to get people with more experience to help out. He eagerly awaits answers, then some a**hole tells him that he can't do anything because his equipment is crap. I once asked a question about digital devices, and a respondent told me to get rid of my speakers. On the other hand, there have been many great people here that have helped me with a lot of things. A man in California send me free parts for a tonearm, another an owners manual. Neither would take any money. Shows that there's two types of people in the world.
What TT's in your opinions are better, why and for how much more $$$.

That's a no brainer...
Well, let's hear what they are.

I've only heard a couple of TT's in my day. The most expensive one being the MMF9 hooked up to a bunch of Krell electronics and a pair of B&W 802's ($50k system). My experience is limited here. I want to hear what others have to say. Define "crap", define "good".

BTW, I would never label anyone else's stuff crap or call them an *******. But that's just me.

Artemus, you may also want to consider the Benz Glider. I heard it (the medium output model) on a friends MMF 7 and it was a significant improvement on my MMF 7/Eroica combination.
I went as far as to buy one but never used it, deciding instead to upgrade to a TNT Mk. 5 table and a ZYX Airy 1000 cartridge.

The MMF 7 was my table back into vinyl. I found it terrific! I had to spend significantly more (underline on "significantly") to "really" hear a difference. I wasn't displeased with the MMF 7, but you will hear a big difference in all the attributes that comprise sound reproduction with a more-expensive table and cartridge. However, in no way would I have the cojones to describe the MMF 7 as "crap".

Hammer, don't be insulted by that bullshit! It's like a bird taking a shit on your car, just wash it off.
In my very, VERY humble opinion, MMF7s are not crap and sound fine--don't let snobbery make you feel bad about your equipment.

Up until recently, my main TT was an '84 AR Turntable with a Linn Basik tonearm that I bought for $35 and nursed back to health. There was finish chipped away at the corners, scratches, missing rubber feet, it needed a setup job and the severed AC plug replaced, and the lid was melted on one side. I put a Shure M97Xe and later an Aurum Beta on that Linn and anyone who made fun of my little ragamuffin turntable's appearance had thier foot squarley in their mouth once the stylus dropped.

IMO, the main problem with the MMF7 isn't with sonics but with value. You pay a good sum of money, enjoy it for a while...and what happens? You get the itch...then find that they're not as upgrade friendly as some others. IMO there isn't anything at all wrong with putting a cart on that's worth half of the 'table itself--see for yourself how many people put $4K carts on $2-3K turntables--but I simply think that in your particular case, selling the MMF7 and combining that $$ with the $600 you have to put in on a new turntable, arm, and inexpensive cart will get you a more worthwhile and aurally pleasing upgrade all around.

So choose a turntable and arm that are easy to upgrade and mod when you get the itch again, and I think that would be a versatile and pleasing rig for you. I will wholeheartedly recommend the VPI HW-19 Jr. with AudioQuest or Rega arm, Michell Technodec with Rega arm, et. al., and then seal the deal with an inexpensive overacheiver cartridge from Dynavector, Clearaudio, Grado, etc. The VPIs in particular are very easy to upgrade, and the upgrades are quite affordable, too. If you found yourself with $600 to spend once again, that would probably get you a spring suspension and massive platter on the VPI, which will most definitely make a solid sonic difference.

Best of luck, whatever you decide-
First I want to say that I would never call anyones equipment junk or crap.
With that said, I had the MMF7 for about 10 months. It was great in the beginning. Then it grew old for me. I didn't like the cartridge and looked at my options. Here is the option I chose. I sold the MMF7 for $750. I bought a Vpi HW19jr w/audioquest pt6 tonearm for $775. I bought a Grado Reference Sonata cartridge for $416 inc. shipping.
So, for less than $450 which I would have spent minimum on a new cartridge. I got a TT that I feel is at least twice if not three times better than the MMF7.
Hammergjh, sonically there are plenty of things wrong with MMF, yes I realize its only a $1000, but $1000 dollars is still $1000 dollars. We're getting off the subject here, my initial comment was that spending the money on a fine cartridge like the Kontrapunkt isn't money spent wisely in this scenario. Imo Artemus is better off spending the money somewhere else in his system where he can have more benefit from his investment. What I don't understand is why people are huffing and puffing, its just my point of view.