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dcs/JM Labs Upgrade Question
Marty,I am not sure 1027be's are enough improvement over your 926s to bother with this upgrade. On the other hand, SFD-2 is a very analogue-sounding DAC and Delius is [b]in my opinion[/b] would be a step down. If you ask me, it is the SLP98 that I... 
Power conditioning
Every once in a while I had sort of positive experience with power conditioners, but each time I would end up getting rid of them. Many of them bring some benefits; but there would always be a cost associated with it. 
nobody talks about BAT anymore?
I was using 32SE temporarily while waiting for my REX and I liked it a lot.BAT is a great company with wonderful customer service and I just wish we had more of those. 
Which preamp is good for mcintosh mc275?
I was using a pair of 275s with SF Line 3 for some time with great results. Line 1 is a decent preamp, but in my opinion Line 3 is way better. 
KAB 1200 vs. everything else.
1200 is a great table itself, and what Kevin does to it brings even more lifelike presentation to this already great table. In my opinion Kevin is actually playing it safe.For the record - I had 1200s for quite some time, with various modification... 
Back into vinyl - part 1
Had a chance to play with fully "KABed" SL-1200 last weekend. What a great table! In high resolution system it really shines. 
Are there any 6H30's with a sweet upper midrange?
"I would try plugging in a 6CG7/6FQ7 tube into the socket."This is a very strange idea. These tubes are not even close to 6H30 and their only similarity is their pin-out. 
Are there any 6H30's with a sweet upper midrange?
I am not sure it is a good idea to use 6N6P in place of 6H30. 
Preamplifier power supply
Chris, the difference between 52SE and REX is pretty much only power supply, and REX does indeed sound much better. 
Preamplifier power supply
Before ending up with BAT REX I compared it with VK-52SE in my own system, and I can say - yes, there is a difference! 
BAT VK-D5 SE CD player
Grateful, plate resistance of 6H6P is more than twice higher which means that output impedance of player will go up, and you really don't want that, because it is not beneficial to tonal neutrality.This is just one thing; there are others. 
BAT VK-D5 SE CD player
Grateful, 6N6Ps are not really drop-in replacements for 6H30s, which means that in VK-D5SE they will be working outside of their optimum parameters. You might feel that it sounds better this way, but I am not sure you are right. I spent a lot of t... 
Phono Pre Amp?
Alex Nikitin, the guy behind most great Creek equipment, started manufacturing his own phono stage. It is very good and very inexpensive. I use it in my second system and it sounds absolutely great (my "main" phono stage is fully loaded BAT VK-P10... 
Differences between Technics SP10 and SP25?
Tube540, those tt's are quite different from each other, though technical parameters have very little to do with that. In my opinion (and I tried all of them) the main issue is weight, and this can be easily changed using DIY plinth. Also, conside... 
BAT VK 600 M SE power conditioner
Dedicated line, no power conditioners whatsoever.