Is That A Violin I'm Hearing?

I may be decades late to the party here, but I just recently heard what sounds like a violin playing at the end of the album The Dark Side Of The Moon. After the male voice, after the heartbeat fades out. It sounds like it was recorded about 60 dB down from the album level. Had to turn the volume up very high. Just a few seconds of playing. My apologies in advance if this has already been discussed ad nauseum...

It's been a long time..but..IIRC, there is a note that plays out where the pitch goes up and then back down..right at the end. Do you mean other than that well known end point?
Know exactly what you're referring to. That's not it. That pitch change is audible without adjusting the volume. The violin part is VERY low level, I'm guessing down 60 dB or so. It happens after the heartbeat fades out. There is so much time (maybe 20-30 secs or more) between  the heartbeat stopping and finally  the disc stopping that I got curious if anything was still recorded...
To put it in context, my volume control reads from "0" to "150". I was playing the album with the control set to read "42". That corresponded to an SPL peak level of about 75 dB (didn't use my RS SPL meter, but I've gotten pretty good at guessing from using it so much)!!! 
As the heartbeat faded I turned the volume up to read "110" in order to be able to hear the violin. It only played for 10 seconds or so, and was barely audible above the room noise of around 40 dB.
FWIW, this is an SACD remaster from 2003.
And lest anyone think I'm "hearing voices", I had a buddy over at the time and he heard it too.
I found my case, but I'm missing the SACD surround copy. Bummer. apparently it's worth about $100.
No problem, teo, come listen to my system.

To make it perfectly clear, my experience of hearing violins is not related to the verse when ABC sings the song When Smokey Sings and the lyrics are..."when Smokey sings, I hear violins..."

So I dug out my SACD copy (is it really worth 100.00?)and fired up the Yamaha UDP,running digital out to the Quad VA-One and plugged in the HiFiMan HE-400i Planar headphones...Yes indeed you do hear violins.It sounds like a small table radio playing classical music...I believe when the old man says "there is no dark side of the moon"he is supposed to be in his home...


yes, I hear violins as well. Very cool via Alan Parsons.

Happy Listening!

Tomcarr, love the ABC reference!

Is the DSOTM ending a Firesign Theater homage?
I enjoyed the ABC reference as well.
Glad to hear that, hoped some would!
Hey Tom,

Are you the same Tom Carr I had as a dorm mate at DMAFB in 73 ?