Interconnects for Rotel.

System is Rotel 1069 pre/1075 amp/rcd-1072 cdp and B&W 683's mains.Looking for a reasonably priced set of interconnects for cdp to pre/amp.Currently all interconnects are monoprice.I have a set of Monster interconnects and while they do sound good I notice that voices seem to be further in the background than with the monoprice cables but the monoprice are very bright.The Monster ones are really nice if there was no voices.Any suggestions..looking for detailed and not bright.Thanks.
Rotel can be a bit bright. The Signal Cable Analogue 2 is a great copper cable for so little money. A real sleeper and will most certainly beat the Monster.
BlueJeans Cable makes a hi-value ic. The choice of several different Belden wires doesn't hurt, either. I use all LC-1 except for the sub, which uses another beldon formula. The CD to amp is Mogami balanced, a Guitar Store find.
Ask 10 people and get 10 responses. Transparent is detailed and not bright. They've got wire at all price levels. Buy used.

Transparent Cable is very nice w/ Rotel!
I brought home a set of Nordost Red Dawns and a set of Nordost Blue Heavens to demo yesterday from my local dealer.The Red Dawns are very accurate but just a tad to bright for me.And the Blue Heavens which are not broke in yet are way to bright.Both are very detailed and if they were not so bright could of been a winner.So the search goes on.Thanks for all the input so far.
Hi Shaun - conventional wisdom is to use van den Hul interconnects( 1st Ultimate or D102 III) with Rotel electronics. For whatever reason, these cables seem to have good synergy with this equipment. Good Luck!
Called the cable company and asked for a suggestions for a good used interconnect.Joe recommended that in my budget and with B&W speakers and Rotel gear that I get a Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope Phase2 active interconnect.He said he has recommended this cable to a lot of B&W /Rotel and the buyers have been very pleased with this cable.So I ordered one and will see how it goes.Any thought on this interconnect?
I tell you, you can get a set of the Kimber Hero's right now for a song and they are a great little interconnect that you will most likely really enjoy. Some really good deals on used ones here on the Gon right now.

Blue Jeans makes a great product. However, I found their cables + the brightness of the Rotel (I had a 1062 integrated) to be not to my taste. I found happiness with Discovery Signature IC's.
I just put two pairs of Nordost Blue Heavens in my system and they sound great. They are used, but I'm not finding them bright at all, so you might want to try burning them in for a few days before taking them back. System is a Rotel pre and PA and Cambridge CD.
I've tried a few different budget IC's (like Heros, Black Knight's, Cardas 300B's, old Monster Reference A's, Magnet Wire, Signal Cable, to name a few) with my past and present CDP's/dacs, and found the affordable TMC (The Music Cable)White Label's to work best with my current system and for my tastes. Personally, I hate bright sounding systems and many CDP's/DAC's add to bright/edgy sound. I've had these TMC's for 3 years and I keep going back to them after trying others. They won't work for everyone, but they are a "must try" cable. They're extremely stiff, though.

But, as usual, it's all system/listener dependent, and your best bet is to audition a few different types and judge for yourself.
Actually the Red Dawns and Blue Heavens are broken in as when I returned them to my dealer He told me they have been loaned out many time.I just found them a tad to bright with lots of sibilance in voices.The Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope Phase2 interconnects arrived the other day and they did what no other cable has been able to do for my setup.It tamed the sibilance down to almost nothing.It took the lower end and made it clean and powerful while leaving clarity in the upper end.Now when I listen to to rock it is...the only way I can describe it is powerful.And if its jazz or classical every note is smooth ,clear , and flows like butter.Amazing cables.
Whatever they say about the Monsters, they are good.
I am using M2.2s (Speaker Cables) and M1000 (Interconnects,
new model) and sound is more than good. Now I'm using same
cables with Plinius 9100 and sound is amazing. I had Signal
Cable Analogue 2 and highs were harsh but the bass was tight.
Just a update.I settled on the MIT Shotgun S3.What a awesome ic and has brought new life to my system.Thanks all for the help and suggestions